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I’m juggling plenty of sites and social media handles. I’ll adjust this list as necessary. For some reason, I can’t edit my Blogroll Links in the sidebar, and I apologize.


Ink in My Coffee: Hey, you’re here! No need for the link. This is my almost-daily blog on most weekdays about the intersection of writing and life. Happy you’re here!

Gratitude and Growth is the garden blog. I post most Thursdays, and the focus is on my own adventures with plants, gardens I visit, etc.

Goals, Dreams, and Resolutions focuses on those aspects of my work and life. What do I want? How will I get there? How can we help each other get there together? It’s evolving from an accountability list at the beginning, middle, and end of the month to an often-weekly (on most Mondays) blog that also includes tools and inspirations to help us get there. In the autumn, I post questions to ponder for the following months, so that we can create a set of goals, dreams, and resolutions for the new year, and then help each other achieve them.

A Biblio Paradise has been on hiatus since April of 2021, during The Hell Move. It focuses on books, libraries, reading, suggestions, interviews with authors, and more. I hope to start it back up again at some point this year. It usually has new posts on Tuesdays.

Comfort and Contradiction: Food As Muse has been on hiatus, too, since last April. This blog focuses on the cooking, baking, food research, and recipe development. I hope to get it back up and running again either in summer or autumn of 2022. New posts usually go up on Fridays.

Ink-Dipped Advice is part of the Fearless Ink business writing site. I used to post every Wednesday; now I post twice a month. It focuses more on freelance and remote work.

Affairs of the Pen is the blog under the Ava Dunne name. It went on hiatus when I first got sick in 2020. When new work releases under that name, the blog will resume.

Kemmyrk is the blog under the Cerridwen Iris Shea name. It went on hiatus in 2019. Hopefully, I will revive it this autumn, as more is releasing under that name.

There are several other blogs I’ve had over the years that are currently retired. I’m not sure whether they will be resurrected.


Devon Ellington Work: The flagshp website for the work under the Devon Ellington name, websites for each serial, and links to otther websites.

Fearless Ink: The business writing site, where you can find information on the business services I offer, mission-specific entertainment, scriptwriting services, and The Ink-Dipped Advice blog, which releases every other Wednesday.

Pages on Stages: The website specfic to my theatre and radio scripts, with links where applicable, so you can listen to some of the radio plays!

Legerdemain: This is the companion website to the Legerdemain serial. It provides a link to the serial itself on Kindle Vella, and is full of fun facts and extras built around the series.

Coventina Circle Paranormal Romantic Suspense: The website for the Coventina Circle Romantic Suspense series built around a coven in New York City post 9/11 but pre-pandemic.

Nautical Namaste Mysteries: The website for the Not-Quite-Cozy Nautical Namaste Series, built around a yoga instructor aboard a cruise ship. The series begins pre-pandemic. This series is under the Ava Dunne name.

Gwen Finnegan Mysteries: Paranormal Mysteries with romantic elements, featuring witch and archaeologist Dr. Gwen Finnegan and her younger lover, historical researcher, Justin Yates. The series begins pre-pandemic.

The Jain Lazarus Adventures: Paranormal Adventure and urban fantasy, featuring hex breaker Jain Lazarus. This series is currently out of print.

Cerridwen’s Cottage: The site for tarot, home and hearth witchery under the Cerridwen Iris Shea name.


I have a Ko-fi page, where I play with short fiction and demonstrate tarot and oracle spreads. At this point, all content is free, although I always appreciate it if someone wants to “buy me a coffee.” If I wind up having tiered levels with some content behind paywalls, I will make sure it’s known. Every $3 makes a difference.


The Process Muse: Weekly deep-dives into processs. Free subscription.

Social Media Links

Twitter: @DevonEllington for personal posts, @ink_fearless for business-related posts.

Facebook: Devon Ellington as the main page. It forced me to create Devon Ellington Author for various links, and I’m not sure how the pages speak to each other. I also have a page for the short, Delectable Digital Delights, and for each series: Coventina Circle Paranormal Romantic Suspense Mysteries, Nautical Namaste Mysteries, Gwen Finnegan Mysteries, and the Jain Lazarus Adventures. I don’t spend a lot of time on FB, unless I’m crossposting via Instagram, but when new material releases, i try to update the pages.

Instagram: @devonellingtonwork. Instagram is my fun account. I do very little promotion there. It’s mostly cats, food, garden, places I visit.

Ello: @devonellington. Ello is one of my favorite platforms. It’s great for creators, and I just love it. I cross post a lot of the blog information. I also do journal prompts on Fridays that are exclusive to Ello.

CounterSocial: @devonellington. I joined on the advice of a friend when it looked like Elon Musk would take over and destroy Twitter. I love the conversations over there.

TikTok: Short videos about my writing.

BookBub: @devonellington9. I’m fairly new to this platform, and still figuring my way around it. The Devon Ellington name is approved for an author account, and once I gain some traction, I will create an author account for the Ava Dunne name, too.

Tumblr: @devonellington. Most of my time on this site is cross-posting. I’ve been remiss about posting original content and interacting on there.

Mastodon: Liking it so far. Lots of other screenwriters, playwrights, theatre folks, and pro writers there.


Pinterest: @devonellington I haven’t used this site for a bit, but I’m starting to get back into it, creating vision boards to share for projects.

Hive: @devonellington. I’m having trouble with this account, since I only have it on my tablet (I won’t have it on my phone) and have not done much with it yet.

Tribel: @devonellington. Inactive.

Cohost: DevonEllington over there, too. Inactive.

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