Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday, May 25, 2007
Waxing Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Sunny and warm

I really hate being this exhausted. I hope I can rest up this weekend. Plus, I started getting a migraine on the train home last night – by the time I got off at my stop, it felt like someone was stabbing me through the eyes with an ice pick.

The post-Preakness article is getting a HUGE amount of hits – I’m thrilled.

There’s a chance I’ll get to write about the America’s Cup Race coming up in June. Not that I know ANYTHING about sailing – I can’t even swim – but I’ve always been fascinated by them, and when I met some of the former boats in Newport a few years ago (because in Newport, these boats are not considered inanimate objects, but members of the community), I was even more fascinated. So, if my editor agrees – I’ve got some studying to do! Good thing I’ve got a strong learning curve!

Yesterday was busy, but mostly about other people’s work. I caught up on admin work, scoured job boards (now I have to send out pitches), critiqued three chapters of my friend’s new manuscript (it’s good), sent script samples to another friend (and fell in love with one of my plays that needs revision all over again), and just generally played catch up until I couldn’t even see straight anymore. And that was all by one p.m.! I have to set up the links list for Script Frenzy – I’m going to have a specific set of links for that project, much the way I do during Nano. It’ll probably start as a long list, then shorten as people either drop out of Script Frenzy or don’t bother to do the agreed-upon link swap! “Cause if I’m taking the time to visit and it’s not reciprocal . . .I’m going to stop. Got some other work done, gave myself a reading break, cooked dinner, and was on a 4 PM train to get to the city.

Show was fine; it was a lot of fun, actually. And I thought I had the weekend off, but I’m booked for the Sunday matinee. And then B. and I are going out.

But it gives me two solid writing days, which will be nice; I can get Circadian Poems set up for June, and maybe into July 4, when it goes into summer break; I can read and comment the rest of my friend’s chapters (she’s got assignments due today and I gave her an assignment for the weekend. Can you hear that whip crack); I can get a good chunk of work done on the script outline for Script Frenzy (and maybe even come up with a title); I can work on GOOD NAMES; I can get some pitches out; I can finish the assignment for Confidential Job #1, get that off and invoice it; and I can get off two hefty submissions that need to go out by Monday.

I also want to re-read ASSUMPTION OF RIGHT, last year’s Nano, this weekend, and get going on the revisions. As I mentioned, since the chapters alternate points of view, I’m going to do all the chapters from one point of view first, and then all the chapters from the other point of view.

Two pieces I’m in the midst of reading use multiple POVs and, while there’s some good writing, there are too many POVs and the voices aren’t distinct enough. So I want to make sure I keep Simon and Morag’s cadences very clear.

I re-read DIXIE DUST RUMORS, I’m going to revise the query a final time, and then, at the top of the week, I’m going to start batching queries on that one. It’s where I want it to be – the kind of book I would have loved to read as a middle grade reader. Let’s hope someone else agrees. It’ll go out under a pseudonym specific to the genre, which I’ll share as soon as I’ve got something contracted under it!

Circadian Poems will be updated later today.

Hermione Lee’s Edith Wharton biography is fantastic, and I’m carving out reading time for it this weekend. I want several uninterrupted hours to sink into it and enjoy it. It also inspires me to read her work straight through. I’ve read some of it, and, while the writing is beautiful, my memory of the work is that her protagonists frustrate me. I am not one who believes that, because a character is a woman, she is “trapped by society”. That’s a choice, in my opinion. The only way progress has ever been made in this world is when people have flaunted society and followed their passion. Clara Barton, Florence Nightingale, Jane Addams, Julia Ward Howe, heck our own Founding Fathers . . .the list goes on and on. You don’t get anything done by being complacent and conformist. I don’t sympathize with characters who are; I get impatient with them.

But Wharton wrote much more than the few pieces I’ve read, and it sounds like her work is much farther-reaching. I also want to re-read and read more of Henry James.

Off to Trader Joe’s. I opened the last cat of cat food this morning (it’s been tested and is safe). When I opened the cupboard a box of graham crackers fell on Elsa’s head and broke open. She didn’t mind; she would have eaten them, given the option (I took them away). She is a dog living in a cat’s body.

And I’m ordering new ear buds for my MP3 player. I’m tired of them either falling out all the time or hurting. Why have a player if I can’t listen to it?

Off to get things done and defeat the migraine. I refuse to lose an entire day of writing. Brandy, I answered your question in the post below this one.

Have a great holiday weekend!


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thursday, May 24, 2007
Waxing Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Sunny and warm

Late start today, but I didn’t get to bed until 2 a.m., so I’m entitled.

My article on the Preakness: “Post Preakness: When Eight Does NOT Mean Infinity” is up on Femmefan here:

It is the top feature article in this week’s issue – I’m pretty excited!

Hop over here to The Scruffy Dog Review Blog to read my next installment on “Crafting Your Writing Life”. Yesterday’s column (yes, I had to rewrite it – the disk’s gone AWOL) is about craft.

And then, since you’re jumping around, there’s a new post up at The Tactile Muse.

Getting to the city was a nightmare yesterday. For some reason (downed power lines, I later found out), trains running in both directions were running on the same track. I felt like I was in the middle of a third grade math problem. Remember those? “If one train goes at 48 miles an hour and the other train goes 60 miles an hour . . .when will they meet?” I used to get into trouble because I said, “If the dispatchers were competent, they never would meet, because they’d be switched to different tracks, a crash could be avoided, and no one would get hurt.” And I’d get detention.

Anyway, since the people running Metro North don’t have the sense of your average five year old who plays with trains, it was all about which train had to back up to the switchback, etc., etc. Two hours to travel 25 miles on a daily basis is simply not acceptable.

And, on top of it, the conductors are rude to customers. They wouldn’t need to put up the signs saying it’s a felony to assault a conductor if the conductors didn’t behave in such a way so the commuters wanted to assault them!

Two shows yesterday. They went well. I enjoy working with the actress a lot. We have many of the same interests – holistic health, meditation, connection to animals, crystals, etc., so we have a lot to talk about.

I’m still struggling, though, because part of me just isn’t there anymore – my heart’s not in my work. Even though I enjoy it. So I have to use even more energy to focus so that I don’t make careless mistakes.

Four of us went out to eat between shows – back to the New World Grill at World Wide Plaza. It was nice, so we ate outside and had a good chat. It’s so important to take the time to get out of the building and truly relax on those two show days.

Got home at a reasonable hour and stayed up reading SEEING A LARGE CAT. Lots of plot. I did figure out the answers, but the way the ending came about was a surprise. As I said, I want to get the whole series and read them in order.

I have to leave about an hour earlier than usual this afternoon to get a few things done in the room, and then, blessedly, this should be my last show for the week. I’ve loved working with this actress, but I’m ready for a few days of focused writing time.

I have to do some business and admin work this morning, and then I hope to get back to GOOD NAMES, and also finish the outline for the play. I figured out the ending, but, as usual, I have to sort out the middle. And come up with a title. It could easily open out into a screenplay, but, for now, I want to keep it a stage play.


Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday, May 20, 2007
Waxing Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Sunny and warm

Late post today and no photos. Oh, well. It took awhile to get back and get back into the swing of things.

Preakness Day was lovely – except for the horrible accident in the undercard, ending in the euthanasia of one of my picks, Mending Fences, and the fact that it rained for the 11th race and the Preakness itself. I’m sorry Street Sense lost by a nose – I like him, as a horse, better than Curlin. Quite a few of my other horses came in on the undercard – I hope Diabolical makes it to the Breeders’ Cup this fall. I like that horse!

I’m working on my Preakness wrap-up article, which I have to submit tonight in order for it to go up in the coming week’s issue of Femmefan.

To answer Julia’s question, my very first Kentucky Derby and my very first Kentucky Derby win was in 1969 with Majestic Prince. I was seven. I adore racing. I’ve been writing about it since the late 1990s. I think this is the fourth or fifth year I’ve covered the Triple Crown for FemmeFan. The majority of trainers, jockeys, groomspeople, hotwalkers, etc., truly love the horses and treat them very well, as do the owners that are in it for love of the sport, not love of prestige. And those who truly love horses are trying to change the sport in positive ways to make it a more compassionate sport and take care of the horses beyond their racing lives. Horse-related charities are a big thing with me – they’re the focus of my charity work. If I could, I’d have a farm for retired racehorses and premarin foals, but, as I can’t, I do what I can for the chartable organizations that help them.

Managed to get a nice chunk of work done on Good Names – just over 3000 words over the past few days. Also realized that I have to go back and insert a chapter between my current chapters 3 and 4 – there’s a hole there. I have to do the research for it before I can write it.

After I finish chapter 5, I’m going to type up the first chapters; working in longhand, it gets intimidating to have to type the whole thing when I’m done, so I figure if I type every five chapters as I go – without stopping to revise – it should help.

A chance remark of Colin’s a few days ago gave me the inspiration I need for the stage play I’m going to write for Script Frenzy – part ghost story, part treasure hunt, starting in Reykjavik. No title yet, but I’ve got most of the first act plotted.

To answer Michele’s question – the weather changed moment-to-moment when we were in Iceland. There’s be hail and five minutes later, bright sunshine. And a few minutes later, dark clouds, high winds, and pouring rain again. Also, it was daylight most of the day – I’m sure there were hours of darkness during a 24-hour period, but we didn’t see them.

Got Hermione Lee’s new biography of Edith Wharton today – can’t wait to read it. Her work is always so meticulous.

A friend sent me some chapters of her WIP to read – looking forward to that – and Confidential Job #1 sent me my next assignment, which I will start work on tomorrow morning, while in transit.

Probably won’t blog tomorrow morning – I’m off to Philly for the day, and then I start in on the principal track of the show for the middle portion of the week. I hope I’m free for the weekend, so I can dig it and get some solid work done on Good Names. It was so nice not to HAVE to stop after 1000 or 1500 words and get on with the rest of the day, but to have four to six hour stretches to actually work. I hate writing in little bits – I like large swaths of uninterrupted work time. I’m much more productive that way, and the quality of the work is much stronger.

Off to finish my article and get some pitches out.


Good Names -14,412 words out of est. 100,000

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
14 / 100
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Racing Ink — Preakness Day Undercard

If you’re looking for the regular entry of “Ink in My Coffee” and the photos from Iceland, keep scrolling – they’re the entry below this one.

Sorry this is late going up – it took longer to handicap the undercard than I expected!

First Race:
The first race of a day is rarely this interesting. We have progeny from Real Quiet, Monarchos, Victory Gallop and Lemon Drop Kid here – wow! My choices are Leagelnote (Notebook’s colt), and Brandon’s Oboe (sired by Lemon Drop Kid) in an exacta with Cherokee Spirit across the board due to Mario Pino being his jockey.

Second Race:
I like Colonial Silver – the sire is Silver Deputy and the jockey is Mario Pino. I also like Magical Gem, who I think will be a pleasant surprise here, with Stormatic to round out the top three.

Third Race:
At 1 1/16 miles, this is a good endurance test. Alphabet Storm, sired by Alphabet Soup is my top pick here – unless it rains. My second choice is Pay Off Time (sired by Touch Gold and ridden by Ryan Fogelsonger). Grey Dorian’s not getting much respect; I’m hoping for a bounce off his last effort.

Fourth Race:
Roth Ticket (also sired by Touch Gold) and Suave Jazz are my top choices. If Musician’s Pride looks good in the saddling ring, I’ll toss him in at the last minute.

Fifth Race: — Baltimore City Turf Sprint:
Unbridled Sidney is entered on Friday’s card; if she doesn’t run there, I’d love to see her beat the boys here. Bingobear gets Gomez as his jockey, which can only help an already good horse.

Sixth Race – Hirsch Jacobs Grade III
Street Magician, sired by Street Cry, is my pick. He’s a good horse who’s kept the same jockey for his last few races. After a less than stellar showing last time, he’s due for a positive bounce.

Seventh Race – The Gallorette Handicap (Turf)
The Irish horse Grigorieva is my top pick in this race – good record, Graham Motion as trainer, Ramon Dominguez as jockey. Precious Kitten and High Moment are my other two picks.

Eighth race – Emirates Airlines Maryland Breeders’ Cup Spring Handicap
This has four horses worth a wheel – Talent Search, Diabolical (sired by Artax), Celtic Innis, and Semphore Man.

Ninth Race – Barbaro 100K
Much as I adored Barbaro, they should have renamed some other race for him and left this as the Sir Barton. Chelokee, one of my Preakness picks, moved to this race instead and he is my top choice, trained by Michael Matz. Zephyr Cat and Soaring By are my other choices. If Stonehouse looks good while saddling, I’ll toss him in at the last minute.

Tenth Race – Dixie G2 (Turf)
The field is large here. My choices are Cosmonaut (another Lemon Drop Kid progeny), Einstein, and Mending Fences. My hope is that Mending Fences wins – he’s improved so much over the past year.

Eleventh Race – William Donald Schaefer Handicap Grade III
Both Sunriver and Flashy Bull look good here. I like Smelling Salts, but would feel more confident if Aaron Gryder made the trip east to remain the jockey.

Twelfth Race – Preakness – Grade I
There were some roster changes in the race since my article in FemmeFan earlier this week. Chelokee is now in the 9th race instead and Circular Quay is here. I’ll take Street Sense across the board; Mint Slewlep and Flying First Class to place and show; and Circular Quay to show.

Thirteenth Race
Fire House, Misty County, and Moon Bean.

Other interesting Races:

Belmont Race 1: Theatrical Glory
Belmont Race 6: Black Adonis

Delaware Race 1: Plagiarize
Delaware Race 5: Miss Classy Trash

Hollywood Park Race 2: Fortunate Victory, Moteado
Hollywood Park Race 4: Flying Bearcat
Hollywood Park Race 5: Flip the Penny (if he gets in)

Happy Racing! Look for my Preakness Day Wrap-Up article in next week’s issue of FemmeFan.

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday, May 18, 2007
Waxing Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Rainy and cold

Hop on over to Circadian Poems and catch up on a week’s worth of poetry. You have “Rain Chant” by Dawn Appleton, “Plum” by Chloe Crooikshank, and “Waiting for Life” by Faith Fenner.

Dog Blog is up, Part I of “Creating Your Literary Life” – I’m doing a series of articles on aligning your goals with your life.

I was a Miss Crankypants yesterday – I’m sure all the machine noise around the building had a lot to do with it – I couldn’t even hear myself think half the time.

I went to check out City Island with an eye to writing about it. That will be a challenge, to say the least. I’m sure it’s perfectly lovely if you live there, but there’s really no reason to GO there. It seems like the only activity in town is to go out to restaurants. Nothing wrong with that. It bills itself as a bit of New England in New York – uh, no. Nothing New Englandy about it, except that some of the restaurants serve lobsters.

But I did hit a thrift shop and get a hardcover volume of AHAB’S WIFE for a dollar, and a volume of Margaret Mead’s letters for 50 cents.

If there’s a regular bookstore on the island, I couldn’t find it.

The history museum’s supposed to be good but: A) I couldn’t find it; and B) I already knew it was closed on Thursdays.

So we left City Island and drove up-county to Pleasantville, which certainly lives up to its name. It’s beautiful and mellow. It seems unusually calm for a suburban New York town, but in the right way. We had lunch at the Dragonfly Café, which is excellent. If I lived in Pleasantville, I’d patronize the place every day.

Unfortunately, the idiot drivers in SUVs were out in full force. Twice, different SUVs tried to change lanes without looking and nearly squished me. Both times, the morons were talking on their cell phones (not hands free), which is illegal in this state. Personally, I don’t think a fine is enough; if you’re caught driving and putting people’s lives in danger due to your cell phone and the fact that you’re too stupid to concentrate on the road – your license should be suspended for ONE YEAR. And then, if you get busted for driving without a license, the consequences should be worse.

Spent most of the afternoon doing paperwork, since it looks like a recycling truck threw up on my desk. It’s a bit better now, but paperwork takes ever so long. However, if I can keep on top of it week by week, it won’t all bite me in the ass at the end of the year.

I’m getting ready to do my Preakness handicapping – it’ll be up by noon as a separate entry here called “Racing Ink”. Then, it’s off to pay bills, run errands, and prepare for the Preakness!

Turns out I can use my Nano account for Script Frenzy – they seem to be run by the same people. Anita, what’s your handle there so we can be part of the same “community”?

I still haven’t figured out if I’m going to do the ghost story screenplay or some sort of stage play.

Lots of errands and bill-paying, and then I have to move the car in case of flooding. We didn’t get hit badly by Wednesday’s storm, but we might get slammed by this one. Even though I’m leaving later, I don’t want to risk the car.

And I hope to get some work in on Good Names later today.


PS More Iceland photos, top and bottom. These are from Geysir, where, logically enough, there are geysers.

May 16, 2007

Wednesday, May 16, 2007
New Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Sunny and warm

There are wild fires raging in New Jersey. They’ve destroyed over 13,000 acres so far. I hope they get it under control soon.

Work was fine yesterday. The colleague from regional theatre was exactly on time (love that). I gave her a backstage tour and introduced her to some of the people there. WHEEL OF FORTUNE was shooting a segment at the show yesterday, as part of their Week in New York, so it was a bit chaotic.

We went to the bar at Thalia for a drink. I’d heard the champagne cocktails were excellent, so I had one – and they are. We discussed the ups and downs of living and working in New York, and then I took her backstage at a show at the Imperial to meet another set of people, and told her who to contact in our union office. When New York calls, you have to go. Plus, I think anyone who expects a career in the arts should live in New York for at least a few years. You’ll have enough stimulation to last for years. It’s a difficult place to live, but also a wonderful one. She seems like a New Yorker in many ways already, so I think she’ll do well here.

Still overslept and didn’t get the photos downloaded. Someday, there will be more photos – I promise.

I’m back at the show for the matinee, re-learning the principal track I’ll be doing for the first half of next week. Then I’ll come back and do some work on Circadian and a few other things.

I worked on the outline for the ghost story for Script Frenzy. In the reality of my career, it would make more sense to do a stage play. But this piece is definitely a screenplay. It needs too many visuals (such as the garden and the lake) to make it viable for stage. But a stage play is more practical. If I can come up with an idea for a stage play, I’ll do that instead, but, until then, I’ll work on this.

I’m not worried about writing a first draft of a script in a month – I did the first draft of JULIA’S LEGACY in a week, during the Book-in-a-Week thing last year.

Didn’t have the chance to work on Good Names – I hope to do some work on it tonight or tomorrow. I’m still trying to figure out the railroad car, because what happens on the journey from Chicago to New York sets the plot in motion for the rest of the book. I don’t want to use placeholders – I want to write the first draft properly, and then go back and fix it as needed.

Preakness coming up this weekend – I’m excited.

I am so ready for a new moon and fresh focus!


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May 15, 2007

Tuesday, May 15, 2007
Dark Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Sunny and warm

I hate being this tired. I putter around and can’t get anything done. I’m running behind today, and don’t have time to download and re-size photos. Sorry.

The weekend was exhausting, show-wise. Too many hours in the building when I wanted to be elsewhere, writing. Don’t get me wrong – I enjoy the people with whom I work on the show – but I’m at a point where I need to complete the transition out of the double career and into the full-time writing.

A great thing on Saturday was that my friend A. showed up at the theatre. We bounced up to the Time Warner Center to Borders (my mom loves Borders Gift Cards, so that was her Mother’s Day gift) and then over to Mantra for dinner. Terrific. And he’s so much happier now that he’s not in 8 shows/week. Next week, we’re traveling to Philly together, with two other friends, for the King Tut exhibit, which should be fun.

Of course, the pliers hunt on Saturday morning was nowhere near as easy as it should have been. I SHOULD have been able to go to the same hardware store where I got the first set, walked in, plucked it off the rack, paid, and done.


They no longer carry that kind. I need the kind with the strong spring that stays open until you clench them closed. Otherwise, they fall open when I try to grab the purse clips on the monkey harness in the quick change and it’s a big ole mess.

Finally, I went to Home Depot, in the tool section. Amazing how much attention you get when someone asks, “Can I help you?” and I say, “Baby, I need some tools.” At least six guys dropped everything and came over to help.

I got myself a larger Husky pair of pliers that’s – reversible! I love them, and boy, do they make a difference in the quick change. They are SERIOUS pliers and the purse clips quake!

Got home late, overslept on Sunday, barely got it together to make the train back into the city on time. Matinee was fine, but I was glad to get out.

At the train station, of course, just a few minutes before the train leaves, they can’t be bothered to have the doors to the platform open. Not only that, but they had a cop and a National Guard troop in front of the closed door – but no information as to what was going on.

So I went down another platform door, zigged back up the platform to the connecting platform, and got onto my platform that way. Sorry, I’m not a sheep and refuse to be penned up like one. And nothing was wrong on the platform, except the lazy ass Metro North employees couldn’t be bothered to show up to open the train. This is NOT acceptable.

On top of it, they print this fantasy newsletter claiming their trains are 97% on time. I don’t know what planet they’re living on, but they are NOT taking the same train line I ride! Liar, liar, pants on FIRE! Whoever is writing and creating these fantasy articles need to be arrested – newsletters like this are supposed to print facts, not fiction!

Knitted and crocheted Sunday night, overslept on Monday, and just could NOT get it together. I have a ridiculous backlog of projects that has to go out, and I need to get down to it.

Checked the job boards, got out some pitches. Printed off some guidelines that sound interesting, but need further thought. Did a lot of research for Good Names, but still don’t have exactly what I need. I think I’m going to create a private rail car for the family – after all, she does own stock in the railroads, as well as running a shipping business.

Found an interesting tidbit of information – Robert Todd Lincoln (yes, THAT one) took over the Pullman Company when George Pullman retired (or maybe it was when he died).

Finished Susannah’s Garden. Liked it enough to want to read more of Debbie Macomber’s work. However, there were several things I didn’t buy: Carolyn’s lack of recognition; Susannah’s handling of Travis’s attempt at blackmail and the lack of resolution on that whole story line – oh, her husband’s going to deal with it now and she can just hand it off to someone else. That makes Susannah, in my opinion, too weak to be a protagonist I can respect. If someone threatened me with my daughter’s future that way, the first thing I’d do is go straight to the cops and say, “Wire me. Let’s nail this motherfucker.” I wouldn’t do what he says, and I wouldn’t wait around for my HUSBAND to deal with it. This is MY KID – you threaten one of mine, you are going DOWN. Permanently.

Also read Madelyn Alt’s A CHARMED DEATH. I liked a lot of it, but disagreed with some of the depictions of Craft practice. And, also, realized that those practices are perfectly valid – they are just handled differently than I feel comfortable. Whether it’s different training or different choices – there are many ways to practice, and the protagonist is learning her way through. I don’t want to be unfair, simply because my personal experience is so different. My sense was that the author did research, but I don’t know how many circles she’s actually attended with experienced practitioners. Even when the words tried to communicate the experience of being in circle, it felt more like a research approach rather than an experiential one. I liked it enough to want to read more, and am interested to see if this was a choice to give the protagonist somewhere to grow or something else. I also felt some of the subplots weren’t wrapped up enough, but thought perhaps that was a choice since it is a series. And I liked the fact that the protag rescued herself at the end, rather than being rescued.

Finished reading Margaret Forster’s biography of Daphne du Maurier. It’s very good, but I was disappointed at du Maurier’s rigid, spoiled selfishness.

Spooky update: He ran away from his new home. If I knew where to start looking, I’d drive around and call to him, but I don’t. I’m hoping he finds his way back; in the meantime, should I call local shelters? I called the one closest to his new home and they told me that someone filed a “lost cat” report already – so that gives me hope. If half the county is out looking for him – he’s still going to turn up where he darned well pleases.

Tenants’ Organization meeting last night to figure out how to get the repairs done on the building that need to be done. I’m truly surprised that people believe we won’t get hit with another flood again – my prediction is the next major flood will hit by August – and that’s only if we’re lucky.

Teleconference with a potential LA client; finished the report for Confidential Job #1 and sent it off. Managed to get some crocheting in. I really would like to finish that blanket before, like, January, since it’s cotton. But it’s a big ole blanket, and it takes time. Did some more research on Pullman cars and trains in 1903. I think I’m going to have to give the Tollivers/Westcotts their own private rail car in order to achieve what I wish to achieve in this portion of the story. Fortunately, Althea’s rich enough and important enough to warrant it! 😉

I’m off to the theatre for day work this morning. A wardrobe supervisor from a regional theatre is visiting New York. She found me through this blog (don’t I feel special?). She’s coming by the show and I’ll give her a backstage tour, and then we’ll go out for a cocktail or something. Tomorrow, I’m in to relearn one of the principal tracks (again), because I’m doing it for the first half of next week, and the rest of this week, I’m booked to the gills. All good, just busy.

On Friday, by about noon, I’ll post a special segment of “Racing Ink” to handicap the Preakness undercard.

I’m seriously considering signing up for Script Frenzy. I feel the need to exercise those muscles again, and 120 script pages in 30 days are about 4 pages a day. I usually script much more than that per day when I’m working in that format. I’m toying with a ghost story idea – an unusual form of ghost story. I’ll do a rough outline and see if it lends itself to the format. I must be nuts to even think of adding something like that to the plate, but hey, you knew that already about me, didn’t you?

Better sign off now, or I’ll miss my train.


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May 12, 2007

Saturday, May 12, 2007
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Cloudy and warm

Hop on over to The Tactile Muse to read my “Naughty Knitter” post – I went out and bought yarn. Started the cotton blanket, actually.

It was so odd – every time I came out of a store, the ground was wet and it had obviously rained. Yet it didn’t rain while I was actually outside.

No Iceland photos today – I don’t have the time to download them and convert them. I can probably do some more on Monday.

Ran my errands, did some paperwork, got out a few pitches, wrote and submitted the pre-Preakness article. Worked on the blanket a bit.

Finished Practical Demonkeeping, which is very clever. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Started Debbie Macomber’s Susannah’s Garden.

Some days, one just has a bad show, and last night was such a night for me. I had a different swing in one track, and didn’t realize she had a jacket for the first change; as I tried to wing my monkey, my pliers broke; moving one of the rolling racks of costumes, I got stuck on a bench leg someone’d left protruding. This was all in the first act, and I just had to shrug and say, “I’m doomed, this is a lost show” and not worry too much more about it. It all worked out, none of it was a big deal; it was simply a series of small annoyances.

But that means I had to wake up early this morning, because I have to go to the hardware store as soon as it opens and buy another set of pliers. I don’t like the kind of pliers they have at the theatre – I found a different kind that’s much easier for me to maneuver. However, since the spring between the blades broke and vanished – time for a new pair.

Knitted a few rows when I came home, watching the replay of the City Council meeting. Guess what? As local businesses apply to FEMA for assistance post-flood – businesses are being refused help if their credit is too GOOD. FEMA’s position is that those with good credit can get loans from banks – of course, at much higher interest rates. Yeah, that’s helpful. Punish the businesspeople who’ve worked their butts off for years because they’ve been responsible. And the developer who’s built in the town above us and whose work is one of the major causes of our flooding has made it clear that he doesn’t give a fuck if we all drown. So, I think, we have to make it a financial question – make it expensive enough for him so he has to care. And call in our governor and attorney general. I’m sorry, asshole, but your right to make a profit does not have more weight than people’s lives.

Not much work on Good Names this morning. I hadn’t gotten ahead of the story far enough in my research yesterday, and, until I do, I’m kind of stuck. They just got on the Twentieth Century Limited to travel from Chicago to New York, and I need to refresh myself on the details of the train and the trip before I can write it.

Off to the hardware store, and then another two-show, fourteen hour day.


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