For the month of July, 2019, I decided to do my own version of a game for writers and artists of all types.

I’m using the #31Prompts hashtag.

Each day, on Twitter, I will post an odd little prompt for the day.

Believe me, they are odd. That’s part of the point.

May it inspire a story or a play or a poem or a song or a dance or some sort of visual or fiber art.

Maybe it inspires nothing.

I hope you will share information ABOUT what you create with me, using the hashtag — and then sell your work (rather than give it away or post it online blowing first rights) so that it starts a creative, abundant momentum.

Because artists should be paid for their work, as are members of any profession.

The impulse is for fun; but may it start a positive cycle of creativity and abundance.

Every few days, I will add the prompts to this page, in case you missed any, or in case someone wants to jump in later in the game and look over earlier posts for inspiration.



July 1
The bagel has landed.

July 2
“Everyone loves cheese,” said Matilda.

July 3
It smells like thunder.

July 4
Was it ink, or was it blood?

July 5
Coffee grounds floated to the top, swimming in a sea of dark roast.

July 6
The breeze’s honeyed scent transported me.

July 7
The leaf blower’s whine scraped my nerves raw.

July 8
The room was so full of cats, it heaved.

 July 9
My mother never said that.

July 10
Waking to the sound of waves, I had no idea where I was.

July 11
Grief shrieked inside me, but no one heard.

July 12
I felt the sound of the knife’s slice.

July 13
We were never friends.

July 14
Mrs. J. took care of the garden.

July 15
The dog looked up at me with sad eyes.

July 16
I fear bunnies more than clowns.

July 17
“Hostas,” she said. “Not hosts. Hostas.”

July 18
“Maio,” said the parrot.

July 19
I expected a portal in the bevelled mirror, not the polished stair.

July 20
He liked to argue with the Fates. It passed the time.

July 21
When they removed the station clock, where would they meet?

July 22
Why can’t there be a blue tulip?

July 23
I hadn’t been on a bicycle in years.

July 24
The poison garden was her favorite haunt.

July 25
I always wanted to find a secret in an attic.

July 26
Yellow was her favorite color.

July 27

The clacking typewriter keys comforted me.

July 28
Were there really this many books in the world?

July 29
The music filled his soul, and he expanded.

July 30
The painting explained everything.

July 31
My favorite book is a blank one.

What Next?
I’m working on pieces inspired by the prompts. As I finish them, as they are published, I will post information and links.

Please feel free to post how pieces inspired you and where they wind up in the comments. Please DO NOT post actual text from your pieces – no reason to blow 1st rights –save them for publication (preferably paid).

Thanks so much for participating, and feel free to use any of these prompts at any time. This page will stay up for the coming months.

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