#28 Prompts

Got the February blues? Play with these ideas, one per day, as many or as few as you chose as inspiration for a song, a story, a painting, anything!  Many of these prompts are in first person, but feel free to change them into 3rd or whatever else suits your vision.

Starts February 1, 2023.

February 1

They met at the airport bar.

February 2

The snow felt like silk on her skin. Unfortunately, the taste wasn’t as nice.

February 3

All I wanted for my birthday was an exotic drink.

February 4

Instead of donating her time and skills to a nonprofit who wouldn’t appreciate them, Elise decided to do something different.

February 5

I can’t believe I made it to the party.

February 6

I was alone in the train station, with only the tick of the clock for company.

February 7

Shane used the steady rhythm of the knitting needles to soothe him.

February 8

A label maker is an inappropriate gift for someone who defies labels.

February 9

They left me the live baby cow because they know I’m vegan.

February 10

You think turning 30 is a big deal? Wait until you turn 75.

February 11

The leather diary sat on the table. When opened, would it reveal words or a blank page?

February 12

277 steps.

February 13

The wisp of cape fluttered through the Venetian fog.

February 14

They reached for the same book in the softly illuminated bar.

February 15

Dinner conversations between the artists spurred new work.

February 16

When the daily ritual of piano practice emitting from Apartment 11A silenced, Beth missed it.

February 17

I was only afraid to fly if I flew as part of a couple.

February 18

Waterfalls whisper worlds.

February 19

When Wanda dumped the can of paint over the edge of the roof, her intentions were misinterpreted.

February 20

Finding the sets of jacks in the old trunk revealed a hidden memory.

February 21

She woke up inside the house which appeared in her dreams.

February 22

George always worried about losing his ticket.

February 23

The stories she wove came to life.

February 24

Where did the warehouse of mannequins go, once they came to life?

February 25

The happy dog tried to cheer the sad clown.

February 26

The secret garden existed on a different plane.

February 27

Sheryl didn’t plan on waking up in dystopia, yet here they were.

February 28

Since the magic wasn’t in the potion, where did it exist?

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