Mon. March 13, 2023: Intent for the Week — Go With The Natural Flow

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The snow is supposed to start at 8 AM today and continue until 5 PM on Wednesday, up to 2 feet.

Things are cancelled, all around the area.

We have food in the house.

I will work on computer as long as there’s power, and in longhand after.

I’m going to go with the flow as much as possible and not worry.

I’m on top of my deadlines, and I am going to enjoy these additional snowdays.

What’s your intent for the week?

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  1. This is my birthday week 😉 and I originally planned to take off Thursday and Friday (and the following Monday). However, one of my SMEs can’t get interview questions to me until Thursday, so I’ll be working that day. Honestly, I’m just doing what I need to do to get by this week.

    I hope you enjoy the snow! It’s slightly chilly here (39 degrees currently) but the sun is shining and the flowers are still blooming.

    • Urgh, how frustrating! I hope you get to have some fun in and around all the work.

  2. I’m getting a grocery order today so I’ll be doing a lot of cooking this week. I also have an editing project to work work on. I’m almost finished with it. We are only getting rain but a lot of wind so could be a power outage problem. I’ll just go with the flow. What else can you do with Mother Nature?

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