Mon. Nov. 21, 2022: Intent for the Week — Quiet Enjoyment

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My intent for the week is “quiet enjoyment.”

Here in the US, this is Thanksgiving week. A time where we are grateful for those we love, our family, friends, lives, and celebrate through food.

We acknowledge the origin of the holiday, and the cruelties on which it was founded, and turn it into something good, as we work toward building a better world for eveyrone.

For many, this is the start of the winter holiday stress and busy-ness.

I have a lot to do, workwise, before Thursday.

I have a lot to do, cooking-wise, on Thursday.

I have a lot to do, decorating-wise, all weekend.

But I want to enjoy it.

If it takes longer than I perceive it should, so be it. I want to enjoy the process.

What is your intent for this week?

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  1. It’s interesting how the holidays have really changed for me. We used to all get together every Thanksgiving and Christmas, but now it’s different since kids have grown up and grandparents have passed on…we won’t be doing much on the day of Thanksgiving, but will be going to my brother’s house the day after. I kind of miss those big get-togethers.

    My intent for the week? Contemplation, enjoy some family time, maybe get in some writing on my novel.

    I hope you have a wonderful week and do enjoy the process!

    • That sounds wonderful. For decades, we had 60+ people at a rented hall in Maine for Thanksgiving. The pandemic stopped that, and now, the people who organized it are tired. They deserve a break. So it’s a quiet, happy Thanksgiving at home (and then starting on the Yule decorating this weekend).

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