Wed. Sept. 14, 2022: I’ll Just Be Here in the Pillow Fort

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Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Waning Moon

Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, Chiron, Jupiter, Uranus, Mercury Retrograde

Cloudy and cool

My friends got back on the road by 8:30, during a break in the weather. About 10 minutes after they left, Willa came bouncing into the living room with one of her toys, looking for them. She ran around to their rooms and the porch and everywhere else. She was very disappointed they were gone. Tessa looked around; I think she missed the Mutual Annoyance Society she has with one of them. Charlotte finally came out to take a look around.

We finished stripping the beds and getting things ready for laundry, etc.

It felt like I did nothing all day except lounge on the couch, but when I look back, I did quite a bit. It just didn’t feel that way. I dealt with over 600 emails that had stacked up over the weekend. I finished and submitted a residency proposal. I sent out a couple of LOIs. I noodled with ideas for about four or five new short stories, aimed at particular magazines. I finished reading a book for review.

It was just a quiet day, not a lost day.

I heard back from a recruiter about an LOI I’d sent (didn’t know it would get routed to a recruiter or I wouldn’t have sent it). She wanted to “talk” about a short-term copywriting gig for a month, which would be fine, IF they meet my rate. I suggested a few times for today. She wanted to talk at 7 PM my time last night (4 PM her time). Nope. She knows I’m on the east coast. I’m not doing PST hours. I work asynchronously among time zones, not within other time zones.

Went to bed early. Charlotte woke me up early. We had a battle. I kicked her out of the bedroom. I didn’t close the door all the way, but she couldn’t figure out how to push it open again and fussed, until Tessa shouldered it open. Now, Charlotte wants Tessa to open all the closed doors, and Tessa’s disgusted, giving her the “I am not the butler. We have humans with thumbs for that” look.

I moved to the couch and tried to sleep again, but Tessa started pushing my shoes down the stairs. So I gave up and fed them at 5:30.

I had stuff to do on computer this morning. We are about to leave to get my mom’s bivalent booster.

So, of course, the computer “updated”.

Mercury Retrograde.

We’re off, and I have a lot to do when we get back.

Peace, friends.

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