Mon. June 13, 2022: Intent for the Week — Immerse into the Healing Process

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If you’ve been reading along, you know I’ve struggled with what I’m calling “sense memory stress” from last year’s move. I recently re-read the blog entries from May and June of last year, and I hurt for the way I hurt and struggled to pull off the move. But I did — and partly due to the theatre community and the online community — and I’m in a much better place, both physically and emotionally.

But there are still echoes of the stress and pain that hit at odd times.

This week marks the first anniversary of getting the keys to this place and starting the physical move in (on the 15th). The 22nd will be the movers finally showing up on Cape Cod (on the wrong day) and the 23rd when they brought the truckload here. Through July 5th is when I kept going back and forth, filling two dumpsters at the old house, trying to get donations to places that wouldn’t pick up, cleaning, and, generally, trying to get the heck out, with the constant pressure from the landlord which only made it take longer.

The landlord sold the house for nearly a half a million dollars, thanks to the inflated market, so he has nothing to complain about.

But my body, and then my mind, flash back to thoses stresses, and the physical pain of doing more than I could becasue those hired (and paid a deposit) just didn’t show up.

Every time I have one of those moments, I take a minute to remind myself I’m not in that situation in the moment, and things are much better now. I try to calm down by reminding myself of all the good things here, and that we pushed through and got it done. Meditation practice’s “being in THIS moment” is a good tool to combat the sense memory stress. The sounds and scents here help to combat the sense memory stress. Building new memories in this place, exploring, enjoying what is HERE — all of that contribute.

But it’s a process.

So this week, I embrace the process, and I will try to be kind to myself (which is always a struggle, even when things are going well). The past is the past, the future is unknown, no matter how we plan, and the moments now are precious.

What’s your intent for the week?

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  1. I hurt for you during that time and am so glad you are in a better place. As for me, I have some big decisions coming my way as soon as some prices fall into place. Allowing thongs to be instead of fretting is my intent.

    • It’s difficult to change the mindset, isn’t it? You were such a wonderful support during a difficult time last year. Let me know how I can support you when you need it.

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