Mon. Jan. 24, 2022: Intent for the Week — Reshuffling

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Last week, I tried to adjust my schedule to fit my needs and energy better. It did not work.

This week, I’m reshuffling the routine/schedule again, to see if I can find something better. I need to match the energy of a certain portion of the day with what’s best done during that energy. I also have to accept that it’s changeable. Some days I’ll have more energy and drive than others. What needs to be done also changes from day to day (which is part of the joy of what I do — I’m not doing the same thing every day).

So I have to figure out how to direct the energy to the right task at the right time, in a way that doesn’t exhaust me, but still gets everything done within the necessary parameters.

What’s your plan for the week?

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  1. Energy seems to be a big issue lately. Not sure if its due to weather or age in my case.

    I really need to do a huge clothing purge. All I need is the energy and stamina to get it done.

    Also still trying to get back to writing…and sending what I write out to an editor or publisher.

    • When I moved, I did a huge clothing purge. Several carloads of clothes. Part of me regrets giving away some of the pieces, although I wouldn’t wear them again. But it was necessary. I just feel like I want to lie on the couch and read books all day. A lot of my work is reading right now, thank goodness, but it’s difficult to rouse myself to do anything else.

      • I totally understand. Books and TV are my salvation these days.

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