Mon. Jan. 10, 2022: Intent for the Week — Recalibration

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The year got off to a rocky start last week. That means, this week, I will go into recalibration mode, to see what I can adjust to still get done what needs to be done, but within my capacity.

Do not tell me to “take a walk.” That does not fix this.

I don’t know what will fix it, yet, but that’s what I’m exploring this week. Taking a walk isn’t it.

I need to create a formula using what has to be done with my energy to get things done with the stresses heaped on by the pandemic and the breakdown of the human social contracts. This week is about exploring ways to do that.

For years, I threatned to become a hermit or a professional recluse. I have to say, I did not expect a years-long pandemic to be the catalyst.

What’s your intent for the week?

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  1. I think a lot about planning my weeks and days better so the To Do list matches my likely energy, motivation and brainspace. Too often I put too many decisions or deep work on a schedule and I shouldn’t be surprised when I burn out or get discouraged.

    • I totally agree. I have to adjust my expectations along with my energy level, and make sure that aligns with what I need to do to earn a living. Somehow, it CAN all balance out, but I’m struggling right now.

  2. Energy seems to be the mail struggle with everyone these days. I keep making my To Do list smaller and smaller. Still having trouble matching the work load to the energy level.

    • Same. There’s a certain amount I have to get done to pay rent & bills. I’m struggling, because my energy level isn’t meeting what needs to be done.

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