Wed. Nov. 3, 2021: Rolling With the Writing

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Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Dark Moon

Neptune, Chiron, Uranus Retrograde

Cloudy and cold

Yesterday was just one of those days when everything takes longer than one expects. Rather par for the course, here, and I am grateful that my schedule allows for that flexibility.

I was much happier with the work yesterday on CAST IRON MURDER than with the first day’s work. Usually, I have a great start out of the gate, and then settle into the book’s natural rhythm. This time, I struggled a bit on the first day, but I’m starting to hear and feel how it flows. This morning, it felt pretty good, too, and I wrote the third chapter, at 2181 words.

I’m not doing the 2500 words I’d like to be doing a day, but I’m getting over 2K, and I’m writing in full chapters, which works well for this particular project. I need to trust in the work. I’m over the necessary word count, so, if I can keep it up, I should be okay. I’d like to hit 50K by Thanksgiving, and then, everything after that is gravy (pun intended). I’m planning this book to be around 70K, and I want to finish the draft by the end of the year.

Because I had a late start, I only worked on CAST IRON MURDER in the morning. In the afternoon, I wrote up the two script coverages, grabbed four more to read, and started putting away the Samahain decorations. It was too late/dark to get the lights down from the front porch, so I will do that today. We changed out the spider web curtains for the red curtains that will see us through the winter, on the front door, the porch door, and the front windows. The turkey wreath is up on the front door. Switched the Halloween fabrics with more Thanksgiving-oriented fabrics.

We paused to eat the leftover trout for dinner (yummy), and then I finished packing up the decorations.

I read two of the four scripts. I’ll write up the two, then read and write up the third that’s due tomorrow. I grabbed a script this morning, so I’ll read two tonight to write up tomorrow.

The plants look good on the porch. Tessa spent most of the afternoon out there.  They finally emptied the dumpsters across the street, so I could bring over the garbage. It’s still better than keeping it in bins in the garage and having to drive it to the dump.

All the front porches have ice melt and shovels at the ready. We’re supposed to get our first snowfall next Monday, and rain the rest of the week.

Two good first writing sessions so far this morning. I’m going to write up the script coverages, get through some email. I’m hoping to get the final scene written on “A Rare Medium” either today or tomorrow, so the draft can rest before revisions.

Remote Chat today, and then I have a Zoom NYU Alumni thing tonight, which should be fun.

Charlotte slept in the living room with Tessa all night. Granted, they were on different bits of furniture, but they didn’t fuss. Charlotte came and woke me up just before six, and Tessa started howling a few minutes later. Progress.

I need to pay some bills, run to the market, and do a library run, so I hope it’s not raining too hard by the time I’m ready to do that all.

Have a good one, and happy writing!

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