Mon. June 28, 2021: The Uphill Battle to Clear Out

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Monday, June 28, 2021

Waning Moon

Pluto Retrograde

Saturn Retrograde

Jupiter Retrograde

Neptune Retrograde

Hot and humid

We’re still going back and forth, in moving hell.

The movers showed up on the 22nd. They got the truck loaded in 3 hours, and off they went, which was great. We did a little packing and sorting otherwise, but were wrung out. I packed the car, except for the cats.

The cats were a little confused by the empty rooms, but as long as we were there, they weren’t too upset.

They were not happy to be caught and boxed the next morning, but we managed to be on the road a little before 4.

The trip was relatively smooth, although Tessa frequently demanded to see the manager, because she had a COMPLAINT.

Tessa took over in the empty apartment. Willa and Charlotte were unsure, but Tessa was fine.

However, when the movers finally arrived (an hour late, thanks to road construction), Tessa was unhappy again. We kept the cats in their playpens on the front porch while the movers unloaded – also very fast.

They did not add a bunch of extra charges, which was great.

We spent the afternoon resting and puttering. Charlotte is delighted by the new space. She just adores it.

We set up the back balcony to be a version of our Enchanted Garden. It’s quite lovely.

I broke one of my own rules, and we went to Walmart. Now, I will usually drive 150 miles out of my way not to shop at Walmart, and I have, but I had no capacity for anything left, and we needed a few things. So we went to the Walmart down the road, which looks new and clean.

What an awful store. We got a few things, but, really, don’t ever tell me people shop at Walmart because it’s cheap. Target’s prices are better, and so it their quality. Hell, Stop & Shop’s prices are better, and so is their quality.

But I sucked it up and we got what we needed. I cooked our first meal, and we ate out on the back balcony, at our little bistro table.


Went to bed early. Slept well for the first time in months. Tessa and Charlotte both want my room to be part of their territory, although Tessa has claimed the front porch.

Thursday was about resting, unpacking a little, and puttering. The difference between me and my mom: she has to unpack her room first; I started unpacking the kitchen. I unpacked the pantry goods I’d accumulated during the pandemic – we will not have to shop for staples for a good, long time.

I picked up my Spectrum internet equipment (it was just down the street). Their constant upselling drives me crazy. ALL I WANT IS INTERNET, LEAVE ME THE F ALONE!

The self-install took two hours and six different technicians, but it works.

Then Comcast argued with me about the cancellation, because they “plan” to have coverage in the area “soon.” Honey, that doesn’t help me NOW with my work, so shut the F up and cancel the account.

Put together what we needed to take back to Cape. Up very early on Friday, on the road by 6:30 to miss the worst of the traffic around Worcester. We were back on Cape around 10:30, ran some errands, and back at the house by 11.

We spent the afternoon packing/purging, and I just ran out of steam by 8 PM. Couldn’t do any more. I finalized the dumpster and hired a couple of guys to help with a storage run on Tuesday. Got dinner from Osterville Fish Market – my mom craved their fish & chips, and I had the fish tacos. Delicious!

But we slept well, even on our little pallets.

Up early Saturday. Did a storage run. Did a dump run. Dropped off hazardous wastes. Dropped off more donations at the library. Mailed a few boxes to myself.

Finished packing the stillroom, which took more time than it should have. It’s hard to put all that stuff in storage, because I use it regularly. It’s also amazing how much we saved of things like glass jars and plastic containers. Tossed a lot.

A friend came and loaded his car full of Christmas decorations, which he will bring up to us later in the summer. Very kind of him.

Packed some more out of my closet, cleaned out the front closet. We will have to put the winter coats into storage. There’s no room in the car to get them up.

The basement, laundry room, and storage over the garage are still overwhelming. How am I going to get it all done, even getting rid of a lot?

Worked until about 9 PM Saturday, when I ran out of steam. I physically can’t do the hours needed to get it all done.

Up early on Sunday. Ran a load over to storage. Back and packed the car, and we drove up to the new place. The Pike was, for all intents and purposes, closed for road work, so we took Rt. 2. Really pretty until the Alp-like driving for the last 30 miles or so. If I wasn’t so exhausted, I wouldn’t mind.

Unloaded and were all settled in by noon. The cats were happy to see us. The apartment hadn’t gotten too hot.

I sat down on the sofa for a few minutes, and woke up four hours later.

I hope I can pull it together and get my head in the game to get this last push done.

This morning, we are headed back to Cape again, for the final push. The dumpster arrives at 3-ish. Hopefully, once we get that loaded, it will feel like we’re making progress.

I have to work as long and hard as I can to get the boxes sorted for storage. The guys come at 1 PM on Tuesday, whether or not I’m ready.

Then, it’s the last stuff to storage and cleaning. We have to be out on Wednesday. I will be so relieved to be up here for good as of July 1.

I am exhausted.

I am also grateful for all the support, especially during the times I’ve fallen into despair.

Normally, I wouldn’t be so specific about the comings and goings, for security reasons, but neighbors are keeping an eye on things here, and anyone dumb enough to break into the house on Cape would run screaming.

Peace, friends, and hold stamina and good energy thoughts for me over the next few days.

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  1. Best of luck with the last leg of the move.

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