Thurs. June 3, 2021: Transition Day 8 — Stress

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Thursday, June 3, 2021

Waning Moon

Pluto Retrograde

Saturn Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde

As I feared, getting the movers is difficult. And the prices are high. Which, people deserve to be paid for their work; but I also have to stay within my budget. So I’m looking at other options. I wish I felt confident enough to drive a truck; I’d rent from Penske, get a few guys to load here and unload there, and drive it myself. But I’m old and exhausted; if I was even in my 40s, I could; now, not so much.

Exhausting days; sleepless nights; lots of worrying. Feeling overwhelmed by what has to be done in zero time.

And then the landlord came puttering around yesterday, and took away the screens from all the back doors. So we’re about to move into a heat wave, and we can’t open the doors for a breeze the way we usually do.

Stressed, worried, and in moving hell. Could use some moving mojo.


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  1. Devon,

    I read your “Food Sensuality in Fiction” article in The Writer. Thank you for this sensory buffet. It is lighthearted with meat and potatoes content.

    I’d love to ride shotgun with you during your move and talk about each line in your article. I’d enjoy hearing how you crafted each sentence. Like a layered cake, you invite me to want the backstory under each of your stories.

    With support for what you do, based on who you are. The world needs the gifts you bring to our table of life,

    Christina M. Eder

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