Mon. Jan. 4: Intent for the Week — Start the Year Gently

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Instead of barreling into the new year, as is my normal way, I am tip-toeing in, rather gently this year. I want to be gentle with both myself and others (although that will not stop me from working for justice).

Gentle, quiet, soft — those are words I will use as my mantra this week, in order to be kind to myself and others.

What’s your intent for this week?

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  1. The intent is to slowly resume work, but this time with more intention and taking on less client stress. I WILL (and I stress that purposefully) push back on arbitrary deadlines, work more time into my schedule so that my life feels more like my own and not that of my work.

    • Yes, those are high on my list, too. I’m already pushing back more than I did all last year.

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