Mon. Nov. 23, 2020: Intent for the Week — Gratitude

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This week, I am going to try to temper my anger and remember that for which I am grateful.

I want to say home as much as possible, focus on the holiday, and then start the winter holiday decorating.

I realized, in the years I’ve been traveling to Maine for the holiday, I never got to actually rest.

I would prepare the Wednesday night meal ahead of time, and bring it up (feeding anywhere from 6-12, after driving from wherever I was to Maine).

I helped cook all day on Thursday.

I helped clean up all day on Thursday.

I drove back to wherever I was living on Friday.

I never had any time to rest.

Part of this holiday, staying home, will be rest, even though I’m cooking.


And rest.

What’s on this week’s agenda for you?

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  1. Reading and writing. I am going to the Powder House for Thanksgiving and will greatly simplify our Dinner. Plus there is just the three of us, soooo…

    Have a wonderful holiday.

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