Wed. Nov. 11, 2020: Die For Your Employer Day 175 — Veterans’ Day

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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Dark Moon

Neptune, Uranus, Mars Retrograde

Veterans’ Day

Partly cloudy and pleasant

I hope to have a post up on Ink-Dipped Advice later this afternoon.

Yesterday was rather a lost day. I’d been told to be ready for the gas inspector by 9 AM. He would be there within a two-hour window.

Which meant that I could only do stuff that could be interrupted, and not any serious work. I did mostly admin, LOIs, that kind of thing.

He arrived shortly before noon.

The misogynist furnace guy who’s refused to deal directly with me on anything didn’t tell him I’d requested he be here early.

The inspector was done within ten minutes.

So another day’s work lost due to men who don’t believe that I work for a living.

Since this furnace issue started, I have lost at least two weeks’ worth of work.

But it’s done, the furnace passed inspection.

And now they want my utility account information for the landlord’s rebate. I’m being pressured because there’s a deadline. They didn’t know there was a deadline back in MAY when they set up this whole deal? No one could copy me on the information once the furnace was installed with a “the furnace is in, now we have to set up the inspection and finish the paperwork, here’s what needs to happen, and this is the date by which it needs to happen”?

How hard is that? Instead, it’s bullying and demand that I jump whenever this guy snaps his fingers.

I am not  giving the furnace installer my account information.

I contacted Mass Save directly (from whom this mysterious rebate is supposedly coming) and told them I was uncomfortable with my account information going through multiple unsecured channels, but I also didn’t want to prevent my landlord from getting his rebate.

The Program Administrator for the region told me they didn’t need my account information. They could verify it separately.

So why is the furnace installer demanding it? Again, I think something hinky is going on.

Meanwhile, the Sociopath and his cronies are trying to pull off a coup and prevent the transition in January. I hope they’re thwarted. This is ridiculous.

If they’re not, we will become what we fought in WWII, and we will be the ones at war with the world. And we will lose.

I have to go in to a client’s for a few hours this morning. I have no idea if any of the others will overlap, or if it will all be on me. One of my colleagues has been out sick for nearly two weeks. I’m hoping it isn’t COVID.

Again, there’s a dearth of communication, and it pisses me off.

A company “found” me through LinkedIn and sent me a vague invitation to interview. I told them I wanted to know more about the position. I did some research on the company – not someone to whom I would think of pitching, but the money would be good. When they came back stating part of the process was a “personality test” I responded that we were not a good fit.

What I wanted to say was they could take their personality test and shove it so far up their collective ass it came out of their mouth, but perhaps that was a little harsh.

I will be so glad for the new moon tomorrow, and for Mars to go direct.

Yesterday was another day of over 2000 cases in MA. Mask mandate and curfew, and people are still dancing around without masks. At least with the curfew, I’m not being woken up at 3 AM with idiots revving their engines and drag racing up and down the nearby streets.

I have a feeling today will be stressful; I hope I’m wrong. I’m going to try to ride it out at least pretending a little grace, even if I’m not feeling it.

With the new moon and Mars direct tomorrow, I have to take a big leap on multiple fronts.

Peace, friends.

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  1. I will never understand why companies insist on pointless tests like that. Why they’re pointless — THEY are not qualified to read the results. Period. Those editing tests and writing tests are equally screwed up, and for the same reason. Usually, the person making the request can’t even structure a sentence correctly. That’s such a red flag for me.

    We have contractors that promise to be there “between 8 am and 8 pm.” No — you give me a smaller window or I’ll find another contractor. My time is worth something, too.

    • They’re messed up. Any company that wants to put me in a personality test box is not one with whom I want to work.

  2. I deleted my LinkedIn, people say employers rely on it, but I found I got no engagement and only scams. No regrets… 😂

    • Yeah, every “company” and recruiter who claims to have found me on LinkedIn has been a waste of time.

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