Tues. Oct. 6, 2020: Die For Tourist Dollars Day 139 — Willa’s First Anniversary With Us!


Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Waning Moon

Pluto Direct as of Sunday

Neptune, Uranus, Mars Retrograde

Cloudy and cool

Well, that was quite a weekend, wasn’t it?

I got very little done, other than laundry and a lot of reading. I was tired. The new furnace works well, but makes the air much dryer, so I’ve had a scratchy throat for a few days while I adjust.

Made a buttermilk spice cake on Sunday, from a Moosewood recipe. It’s wonderful.

Didn’t do the grocery shopping or get to the dump or get much writing done. I was worn out.

Liars and Scammers

The political shitshow didn’t help. Now that it’s obvious the Sociopath took a Spa Weekend at Walter Reed to mock people who are actually sick and those who’ve died, let’s move on. Or back. Find out to whom he’s in debt. Block the judge – there is ALWAYS a way to stop the nominee. The Democrats need to grow some balls and do it. Get a relief bill passed so we get another stimulus check. Don’t let Wife Creature off the hook for her tapes. Keep investigating the taxes. Get out the vote.

All this speculation that the Sociopath is “sicker” than they’re telling us – mentally, yeah. Physically? He’s not sick. This was all the latest con to give him attention. People around him are sick, but he’s just mocking everyone. That’s why he did photos signing blank pieces of paper. That’s why he’s “visiting” wounded soldiers. That’s why he’s taking car rides to wave at people. He’ll come home this week and claim he “recovered” and it’s “not that bad.” Which is already what he did yesterday.

The only way I’ll believe he’s sick is if he has the worst possible outcome.

The whole thing is disgusting.

Are people around him getting sick? I’m sure they are. They’re infecting each other, because they won’t take basic precautions.

All these people checking into the hospital out of “caution”? When thousands were turned away who were really sick? Disgusting.

And the Conway reality show going on? Another scam. Stop pressuring a 15-year old girl to be a savior. It’s disgusting enough her parents are using her as part of their media manipulation.

Our numbers are going back up in MA. Yet the bridges were backed up and the tourists were all over the place, not taking any precautions. The traffic to get down to the library for curbside pickup, which is about 3 miles down the road – on Saturday was insane.

It’s all exhausting, which is the point. Wear us down.

Life stuff

I’m telling you, I want to rearrange my life to become a professional recluse. People suck.

I managed to get some of the outdoor decorations up, but I’m probably going to rearrange them a few times. I’m not satisfied.

Saturday night, all three cats decided they were going to be busy all night. And, of course, if they were up, they weren’t going to let us sleep. And they were busy together, which is a nice step, even though Charlotte and Tessa still don’t really get along. But it was pretty funny.

Today is Willa’s one-year anniversary with us. She’s made terrific progress, and is a sweet, funny, smart, curious cat. Charlotte came two days later – her anniversary is coming up. They were staying with different people when I adopted them.

She’d been moved around every few weeks for 18 months, and was totally disoriented and confused. She came with a different name – but she likes her new one.

I’m glad she’s a part of our lives.

Money and Writing

Received an unexpected check yesterday, for which I’m grateful. Preparing a pitch for a magazine which wasn’t paying a few months back, but is now. Was contacted by someone with whom I worked here on Cape to do an online lesson for the Writers’ Center (for a small honorarium).

That’s what I love about Jupiter going direct – influences the possibilities for financial/career expansion. Of course, I have to actually follow up/fulfill those opportunities (if I don’t take action, these influences mean nothing), but at least they’re offered.

I’ll get to work on all those today, along with some client work, LOIs, and I have to venture out for the Big Grocery Shop. I’m going to start stockpiling for holiday baking, although I’m still flirting with the idea of not doing it this year.

An opportunity I passed on yesterday: I was offered the “great opportunity” to PAY to be part of a collaborative script writing process that would be read by “prominent Hollywood and/or Broadway actors.”

Okay, first of all, I am PAID to write, I do not PAY to write. I’m not going to pay to work on a script-by-committee and then not have any rights to the work. Second, honey, by this point, I’ve worked with plenty of actors. When I lived in NY, I’d call them up and have them come over or rent a rehearsal studio so we could do table reads of scripts and novels. I’d pay them and feed them, and, most importantly, LISTEN to them.

The above “opportunity”? Not the kind of scam in which I’d participate.

Figured out where I’m going to set the Susanna Centlivre play (a room near the royal kitchen). I’m going to have Susanna, her husband, Joseph (chef to Queen Anne), and Mary Pix at least in it. I was going to add in Catherine Trotter and Delariviere Manley, and one of their male writer friends, but that might be too many characters for a short play. The conflict/plot will center around the male writer who kept plagiarizing the prolific female writers of the time. I need to check some research notes and fact check a few things, and then I’m ready to write.

As much as I hate the thought of going out, I’m excited to do a big grocery shop and get going on cold-weather cooking.

And it’s so nice to have a working furnace again!

Will get a final batch of voter postcards out this week, too. And this afternoon, the Knowledge Unicorns meet.

Busy day in store, but, I hope, a good one, after a tough weekend.

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