Thurs. May 14, 2020: StayTheFHome Day 50 — Slogging Along

Thursday, May 14, 2020
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Venus Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Sunny and cool

You can check the progress of the garden over on Gratitude and Growth.

Yesterday was a pretty good writing day. I had good writing sessions on two different novels, and re-read the Kate Warne curtain-raiser stage play. It holds up, and only needs a few tweaks and I have to do some research to add in restaurant names, etc.

I have to draft the Susanna Centlivre play next, but then I can go back and work on the Kate Warne play about the case where she posed as a medium to stop a pair of murderers.

I lost too much time on a computer update, Comcast woes, and arguing with both Target and UPS about the missing order. This morning, I got an email that claims it’s been found and will be delivered today. I’ll believe it when I have it in my hands.

I did client work, and caught up on a lot of admin and email, got out a couple of LOIs, declined responses from the previous day’s LOTs because they want a guarantee that I will come and work onsite when THEY deem it’s time. No, MF, I’m not dying for you. I’m working remotely until I believe it’s safe and/or I’m vaccinated. I’m not commuting into Boston to sit in an office full of germy strangers. The mere fact they’re insisting on on-site work — before the statewide Stay At Home Order is even lifted — shows that they are not planning to take proper precautions for their employees. Not getting into that situation.

There is nothing that I do as a writer that cannot be done remtoely.

The guy came to mow the lawn, and it looks great. He works alone, masked, and it’s always no muss, no fuss. We are an easy account for him, that he can fit in whenever he has a spare half hour — because that’s all it takes. So we are on the way to or from a bigger job. Unlike the services the neighbors use, where they have three guys that walk around for an hour with the leaf blowers on for yards smaller than this one. I’d talked to him prior, to make sure he felt safe coming here, and he did, so it was all good. It also takes huge pressure off me.

Started reading a book and taking notes for an essay. Blogged first this morning, and am about to switch over to the fiction for a bit. The bulk of the day will be spent on one particular client’s work.

If the Cape had some actual leadership, who care about the residents, they could set up a way to open slowly and safely and be up and running at least at some capacity by Fourth of July weekend. But they don’t and won’t. They are bound and determined to open by Memorial Day Weekend next week, as though nothing has to be different this year. They’re talking about safety measures, but people aren’t even following the basics to go to the grocery store. Not to mention the golf courses, the ultimate non-essential pastime, are already open, and old white men are already bitching because they have to carry their own clubs. We’re going to see another Death Surge (we’re still at nearly 200 deaths per day) and be locked down completely by Fourth of July. All because these old white men are greedy.

I’m staying home as much as possible, and enjoying my yard.

Four retrogrades, three of them major and that will last until fall, so I’m better off at home anyway!


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