Thurs. May 7, 2020: StayTheFHome Day 43 — Battles Begin

Thursday, May 7, 2020
Full Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Rainy and cold

There’s a new post over on the garden journal, Gratitude and Growth. I actually have something to say this week.

Today we go back into battle with clients who don’t believe it’s work when it’s done remotely. I’m replacing them as fast as I can, but everybody’s hurting and it’s not easy. Step by step, and I have to make the necessary decisions to save my life in a very real sense, and then deal with the consequences.

So yesterday was scattered and stressful and frustrating. Today will be worse.

But I am working on the plans for an exciting, albeit complex art project that’s relevant to what we’re all going through. If I can pull it off, there will be more information soon. If not, it will merely be an idea that fades away.

Musing and percolating and wondering and following false trails took up a good portion of yesterday. Along with client work and submitting some of my books to a library promotion.

Remote chat was good, as it always is. I feel lucky to have these people in my life,

It’s been nearly three weeks since I ordered stamps, and still no sign of them. They were quick enough to put through the payment. It better be a positive sign that people are buying stamps to try to save the Post Office. But I need stamps,

According to tracking, UPS had stuff on the truck for me yesterday. I waited far past normal delivery times, and hoped the driver headed home. It was raining and miserable. I didn’t want the packages to sit out in the rain all night. Or be stolen, since one contained some of the office upgrade.

But, eventually, I had to go to bed.

Yup, when I got up at 5, there were the rain-soaked packages. At least they were in plastic and had too much packaging. Nothing was ruined. Yay for me, but I feel bad for the driver. It must have been REALLY late when he dropped them off.

Today, the new printer is set to arrive.

Slowly, slowly, we’re getting everything up to speed for optimum remote efficiency.

Worked on a couple of article ideas. Hope to have them fleshed out and ready to go by tomorrow.

Decent, though not brilliant, first writing session of the day.

Dreading the upcoming battles. I just have to trust that I’ll come out the better for them in the long run. But the short run is still worrisome.

Off I go.

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  1. How can anyone, in this environment, say that remote work isn’t work? Idiots. You’re well rid of them.

    I feel for the drivers, too. Just too much work for them right now, and they’re doing their best. I get Informed Delivery emails from the post office. Lately, I’ve noticed the “arriving today” section has packages that don’t show up for a few more days. They’re all overworked.

    I got my stamps pretty quickly, so I’d say it’s probably a local delivery issue. My mail routes through a locally based regional sorting facility. Maybe that’s why?

    I always miss remote chat. Always. Dang it. Yesterday I had time, too. Drat!

    • One of these days, chat will work out fir you!

      MA may be technically blue, but too much of the Cape is red and influenced by Fox Noise. If you’re not working in their space, you must be goofing off.

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