Wed. April 29, 2020: StayTheFHome Day 36–Up and Down

Wednesday, April 29, 2020
Waxing Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Partly sunny and cold

I tried to post over on Ink-Dipped Advice, and A2 Hosting wouldn’t let me sign in. The post will go up when it can. Apologies.

Sent off everything to the contest administrator. Feels good to have that big project done.

Got a lot of admin stuff done, and client work which included ghostwriting some correspondence.

Looked at some places for possible LOIs. Not thrilled. Worked on a couple of pitches, but they need more work. This version of Word doesn’t like opening old versions of Word. I’m tired of every Microsoft update ruining previous work.

Played with some ideas. Reading some books about books because I want to.

Have added a series of sun salutations to my morning yoga session, which is good, and added some core work every other day to the evening session.

Still no stimulus payment.

Excellent first writing session of the day. Things are chugging along with this novel. Now, to start working in the other ones, the ones I’m supposed to be working on. Played with the new idea, too. It’s fun, and I want to keep it mean, in the 70k range.

Didn’t do any planting yesterday, so I’ll have to do it today. We don’t get another planting day until next Wednesday. Also have to bake bread today, since we ran out yesterday. I’m not going to the store until tomorrow.

I was awake again at 3 am, and can’t even blame the cats! But it’s good writing time.

Hope you are well.

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  1. I was looking forward to doing some planting myself, but then suddenly the heavens opened and it bucketed it down. Typical, we’ve had such lovely weather and just when I wanted to do more in the garden… rain! lol Oh well, the flowers enjoyed it 🙂

    • Isn’t that always how it works? Hope you get into the garden soon.

      • We are going to sit in the garden this weekend, my partner is currently cutting it as I type this and while I can’t do any growing/planting, I will enjoy the wild flowers that are already there 🙂

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