Fri. April 24, 2020: StayTheFHome Day 31–Trying to Curb Frustration

Friday, April 24,2020
Waxing Moon
Rainy & cold

Tomorrow, Pluto goes into retrograde, and soon we’ll have multiple planets rolling into retrograde. Like we need that, in top of everything else.

Geared up yesterday, loaded the car with garbage, and headed to the dump. Payments are now left in a Tidy Cats litter pail tied to a pole, which I find amusing.

Lines of cars there to dump garbage. Outside of the staff, I was the only one masked. We thanked each other for trying not to kill each other.

They recognized me as “the baker” who brings them treats. I promised to bring more, as soon as it was safe.

It’s disgusting to watch people dump the recycling in with household garbage instead of holding onto it for a few more weeks. Trust me, chickie-poo in her BMW has room in her garage to store it.

Swing by the package store for my curbside pickup of my order. That should hold me for a few weeks.

Got some client work done.

Phone conference with a client, who wants me back in the office. Not going in until the stay-at-home is lifted. What I do can be done remotely. She really thinks she’s been paying me to do nothing, in spite of evidence to the contrary. But I’ll put together a power point presentation for her early next week.

Worked on contest entries. Should be done early next week.

My Crystal Bar soap delivery arrived, and I was so delighted, I ordered some shipped to a friend.

Woke up at 3 am worrying again. I guess the stretch of sleeping through the night is over.

The Gibbering Sociopath advises UV rays and injecting/ingesting disinfectant? Anyone dumb enough to do so deserves the consequences. Let’s stop pandering to the stupid, the corrupt, the cruel.

How did I do with my intent this week? Room to grieve, allowing myself to flow with emotion, helped in overall steadiness.

Still no sign of the stimulus payment. I’ll have my own unicorn before I get a check.

Have a great weekend. Peace.

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  1. I HATE when I see people who throw away recyclables!! We have finally got a better, more organised household waste centre with multiple skips for loads of different recyclable products and I am so tired of finding plastic wrap and polystyrene still in the cardboard boxes… in the cardboard skip… when the rubbish skip is like 3 feet away!!

    Seriously, it is one of my biggest pet peeves! We even have family members who STILL seem incapable of rinsing our their food cats or bottles before putting them into the recycling bin no matter how much I tell them it’s necessary!

    What is it with people who seem to think that everyone working from home is just dossing about?! As if, without a boss hovering over our shoulder, we won’t work. I know there are people like that but let’s be serious, those people… will have been the ones to doss about while at the office as well… and are usually ignored by the bosses!

    • Totally agree on both of these. We recycle about 80% and have very little household garbage. With the recycling center closed right now, I’m keeping it neatly stacked in the garage. It’s all clean.

      And these toxic bosses who act like they’re paying me to be home eating bon-bons– I’ve maintained a 40 hour workweek throughout, so they can fuck right off.

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