March 25, 2020: Non-Essential Business Closed in MA

Wednesday, March 25,2020
Waxing Moon
Still dark

The state closed all non-essential businesses as of noon yesterday until April 7. It’s a relief, honestly, because that means less arguing with clients about onsite work. Although one client said, “Oh, nobody will notice if you come in.” Um, no. I’ll do what I can remotely.

So Monday was a scramble to put things in place. I couldn’t take my mom to the bank for the paperwork we needed to sign. We figured we’d go Tuesday before noon. Her bank sent an email stating they had special hours for seniors in the morning for just that.

Only, of course, they didn’t. They closed the lobby completely. So we can’t do the necessary paperwork. It can’t be done online.

I’m drafting a temporary document to cover in the interim & sending it in.

There’s less stress being home. I wrote, worked on contest entries, downloaded two more books for review. Hung up the wind chimes on the deck. It was too cold to work in the yard.

Andrew Cuomo’s briefing was, as always, wonderful. He presented a national plan of states helping states that can get us through it.

That’s in sharp contrast to the Sociopath getting bored with the virus & telling people to go back to work in 15 days.

The Sociopath also signed a death warrant for tens of thousands of New Yorkers (to start; it will spread over the country). He refuses to use the DPA to manufacture medical supplies, and only sent 4K ventilators to NY, knowing they will need 26K in 14-21 days. He basically told New York to fuck off & die. And he’s ENJOYING that people will die. It makes him feel powerful.

He wants to re-open the country by Easter. Causing more deaths. He’s insane.

It proves what many suspected at the time: Letting Americans die in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria was the test run.

What a disgusting, despicable human being.

His cronies, saying older people should be willing to “sacrifice” themselves for the stock market are just as bad. Let all these old white corporate men go first.

I’m in despair for the country.

Meanwhile, trying to plug away as best I can. Hoping it will be nice today so I can work in the yard. Friday, I have to pick up my mother’s medication & go grocery shopping. I already dread it.

Supposedly, there is a new relief package deal. Talking about $1200 for those making under $75K a year. I’m wondering if that is per month or a one-time payment. Because this is going to last more than a month. $1200 for indefinite time won’t cut it.

Day by day. Just trying to survive the best we can. Keep a routine as normal as possible. Work remotely with clients who aren’t used to it– one client is keeping us on regular pay for the next 2 weeks, and I’m going to do a few remote hours for her every day. I don’t do that many hours for her a week, and I can’t do everything remote, but I’ll do what I can.

I hope to finish contest entries for one genre today, enter everything, and work on the other. And also work on the books for review, so I can invoice.

Day by day. Moment by moment.

I hope you’re all doing well.

Charlotte wasn’t afraid of the garbage truck yesterday, so at least there’s progress on one front!

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  1. My take was that it was a one time payment. Because the idiots have no concept of long term planning.

    • Yeah, it looks like that’s what was passed. With Senate in recess, and in a month, it’ll be even more vital for UBI. But you know the GOP: Keep the workers in poverty.

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