Tues. Oct. 22, 2019: Ups & Downs

Tuesday, October 22, 2019
Waning Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde

Certainly been a challenging few days.

Most of the life has revolved around the cats. They were doing really, really well most of the weekend. Tessa and Charlotte even hung out on the sofa together. Willa slept on the bed with me. Then, yesterday morning, everyone regressed.

Time and patience. They just need time and patience.

I’m behind in the writing, which is also frustrating. Also, when I’m trying to write, all three cats are in the room, vying for my attention. There’s no door, so I can’t shut them out.

We had a lot of yard clean up after Thursday’s storm. Had to put out the decorations I’d taken in yet AGAIN. Prepping for meetings. Doing research.

Read a lot. Didn’t get to read my friend Arlene’s book yet. That’s on the agenda for this week.

Had to fight with the bank when they manipulated data in order to try charging fees. So I fought with them, had the evidence, and they backed down.

The new Target opened on Sunday. It’s nice to have a Target around. What they do, they do well. Plus it’s neat and clean and the staff is nice.

The check from Llewellyn arrived — early! For the 2020 pieces.

Turned around the edits on the piece for 2021, and my editor and I are talking about 2022. I’m so lucky with this editor. She always encourages me to make things better and catches me when I’ve gotten off track.

Went in to my client’s early on Monday, to accept a Fed Ex shipment. Left a little early, too. Could barely keep my eyes open.

Had another appointment, and then meditation group.

Relaxed with a book in the evening, and worked with the cats.

I’m discouraged on several fronts, and feeling jerked around by a few people. I need to get some rest, so I’m not coming from a place of grumpy and disshevelled, but from calm and rational.

I need to put together a marketing campaign, and prep for the release of GRAVE REACH. I need to finish the radio play. I need to get to work on the Canaletto play, and I need to get back into the edits for BALTHAZAAR.

I need more hours in a day, and more dollars per hour.

It sickens me to watch these people burning down the world for personal profit.

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  1. We all find ourself feeling like this occasionally. Hang in there. Don’t punish yourself. I suspect that most of your deadlines are self-imposed. When I feel like this, I listen to “Don’t try to live your life in one day” by Howard Jones. A silly pop song but with a point. HJ is a devout Buddhist & what he sings is true. Also a bubble bath is nice.

    • Thank you! It’s always a good reminder not to punish myself. I’m harder on myself than anyone else is on me.

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