Fri. March 29, 2019: Unwanted Stressors

Friday, March 29, 2019
Waning Moon
Cloudy and raw

Well, yesterday kind of sucked, too.

I got some writing done in the morning. I had a pretty decent meeting with a potential client. But, like I said, I think they want a cute little twenty-something at the start of her career, not someone with experience and mileage. Plus, the money they offered was substantially less than my research showed was normal for the work in that region.

I am not optimistic we can make it happen, although the work itself and the location are ideal.

In the afternoon, I picked up a lovely printer on craigslist that works beautifully and will get me through the handouts I’m putting together for my class.

I now have three printers stacked around my computer desk. I’m still hoping Brother will give me some ideas to get the laser back up and running.

The day looked up, especially since it was a lovely day to take a ride.

When I came home, I went into the yard. I took the handsaw and culled some oak saplings that invaded the roses on the sunniest side of the house. In the coming weeks, I’ll have to get my hands on a big pair of loppers and whack back the roses themselves pretty seriously. I got tired of getting caught in the rose bushes and not being able to extricate myself without getting bloody.

I read Deanna Rayboun’s A DANGEROUS COLLABORATION. It was wonderful. I absolutely loved it. I love the series anyway; every book keeps getting better.

Then, in the evening, someone broke my trust by doing something the individual “assumed” was okay without checking — which wasn’t. Which has, in fact, screwed me over royally in the moment. Had I been asked, I would have said please don’t do this today, please wait a day until I can get another piece of the puzzle in place. However, that didn’t happen, and something that could have been simple is now not simple.

When I tried to take steps to fix it, the person who caused the issue in the first place set out a series of steps for me to take in order for that individual to fix what they broke in the first place. No. Just no.

It also means the place associated with this individual, which I always considered a sanctuary, now is no longer safe. It takes it from the side of the equation where it balances life stressors into the side of the equation where it IS a life stressor.

I have no room in April for additional life stressors.

So I had a bad night of feeling hurt and angry and betrayed and just like, “WTF? Why didn’t you ASK me before just DOING this?”

Tired and cranky today. I have a lot to get done, and I don’t feel like doing any of it. Too bad for me.

Have a great weekend.


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