Mon. March 25, 2019: Wrapping Up the Month of Kindness #UpbeatAuthors

Monday, March 25, 2019
Waning Moon
Mercury Retrograde

How did you month go, trying to do small anonymous acts of kindness throughout the month and not broadcast it?

March was a challenging month on a lot of fronts. Mercury in retrograde didn’t help. There was lots of good stuff, but it didn’t mean the good stuff was easy.

I wasn’t always successful; I was often impatient. But I did make an effort.

One of the best things about the challenge was that it made me more mindful in the moment. I considered words and actions before speaking or doing. It was living in the moment and making as positive choice for the future as I could.

That didn’t mean being a doormat. I’ve called out someone on a racist comment flung like a punch at another person in our conversation. I’ve stood up for myself when an old white man demanded an apology for a piece of my writing because “I don’t like angry women.”

To which I responded, “Then don’t make me angry.”

He backed down.

It’s always a mixed bag. People are people, and since sometime in 2016, and it’s been open season for those who want to run around and be their worst selves and treat people as badly as possible. It makes them feel powerful and good.

Being kind doesn’t mean allowing that sort of behavior. Being kind means cutting it off. Fighting cruelty is part of behaving with kindness.

I hope to take what I’ve learned this month and keep working on it, building on it. There will be plenty of times when I fail. But I’m going to keep making the effort.

How did your month go?

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