Tues. July 31, 2018: Busy and Behind

Tuesday, July 31, 2018
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I had a rough time of it these past few days, and I’m way behind where I need to be on a bunch of things.

The writing did not go well at all on RELICS & REQUIEM. I couldn’t get a pivotal scene right. I couldn’t put in a place holder, because what happens in that scene affects every other scene in the book. Besides, I don’t like writing piecemeal. It doesn’t work for me, except in a few unique instances. Each scene builds on the next. I’ve fought my way through it for now, and am frantically trying to get back on track; I just hope that I can.

Which means I also got behind on DHARMA. And I tried to work on POWER OF WORDS, but the amount of information I have to juggle in order to write the scenes properly — well, I got about 7 pages done, that’s all.

It was hot and uncomfortable, which didn’t help.

I managed to get a review up and out, and work on the longer article on that same topic that goes up next week. I’m behind where I want to be on the calendar articles.

At least we’re ahead on some of the book covers — now I have to make sure the books live up to their covers! 😉

Busy couple of days with a client today, since there’s a big event coming up.

One friend is still in hospice. I heard back from another friend, with whom I’d been out of touch for awhile — his wife died a couple of months ago. It’s a period of loss right now. Sunday was the 46th anniversary of my dad’s death.

Even though it’s hot and humid, it smells like autumn, especially early in the morning and late at night. Tomorrow is the first day of autumn, first harvest. An important day on my personal calendar.

So I will be back blogging on Thursday.

Hopefully, I will have undone this muddle by then.

My wrap-up is over on the GDR site, and I have a post up on A Biblio Paradise, too!



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