Tues. July 10, 2018: Creative Options

Tuesday, July 10, 2018
Day Before Dark Moon
Jupiter goes DIRECT today
Saturn retrograde
Pluto retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Mars Retrograde


The post I wrote got eaten by something somewhere, so I’m starting fresh.

It was a lovely weekend, seeing old friends. I have a great deal to process. Some of that, I will go into detail about in tomorrow’s post. But it was lovely to see old friends and create together. It refilled the creative well.

Monday was busy with a client, getting a marketing campaign sorted out.

I had a decent morning’s work on RELICS & REQUIEM, although didn’t get as much done as I wanted.

Worked on some ads to promote the books, my articles for the almanac. I’ve got to get back into the groove with DAVY JONES DHARMA, too.

The Narcissistic Sociopath should NOT be allowed to nominate a Supreme Court Justice, nor should the last one be allowed to keep his seat. Mitch McConnell is a corrupt hypocrite. Not that we didn’t all know that already.  And EVERY SINGLE INDIVIDUAL who participates in the human rights violations of separating children from their parents must be tried, in a court similar to the Nuremberg Trials, as an individual. “Following orders” when you know it’s despicable is not an excuse. The whole corrupt regime needs to be swept out.

Today is about writing, promoting, working with clients. If the weather is okay, maybe getting some yard work done — because I didn’t get enough done yesterday.

Some interesting opportunities crossed my desk yesterday. I have to do some research to see if I should go for one or more of them.


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