Mon. July 2, 2018: Calm #Upbeat Authors

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Monday, July 2, 2018
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There are two kinds of calm. One is the kind others try to impose on you, usually when you make them uncomfortable by holding your boundaries and standing up for your rights. Don’t be manipulated.

The other kind of calm is the calm you need in order to function in these dark times. It’s the calm you have to pull from your own depths in order to stay sane and focused.

That can be helped by external stimuli. I love the beach in winter — that’s why I moved to Cape Cod. I like it in summer, but can’t get to it with all the tourists! The ocean helps calm me. A walk on the beach, yoga on the beach, meditation — all of that helps me even out.

A walk in the woods will do something similar. Sometimes I need water, sometimes I need trees. Sitting on my back deck, looking out over the yard, helps, too. I often get some of my best work done out there in decent weather. Since it’s a covered deck, I can also sit out in the rain and work!

Sitting on my meditation cushion, morning and evening, helps to. It’s a correction for my emotions and thoughts that can swirl out of control. It allows me to regain perspective, because it is from the place of perspective that we can make our best decisions.

While some of my best writing comes when I ride a wave of emotion, revisions are best done from calm.

I also have built a “space of calm” in my imagination. A place to which I can mentally place myself if my day is difficult and I need a few minutes of respite. I can turn inwards and ground there. I can’t go into detail publicly — the fact that the space is private, known only to me, is vital.

Find what works for you. Make sure that “calming down” is YOUR choice, and not something someone else wants to impose on you, not for your own good, but for their agenda. Trust your own instincts, that you know when and how to stay calm, and when and how to utilize your anger or any other emotion. It could save your life.

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