Thurs. March 15, 2018: Storms and Ides

Thursday, March 15, 2018
Day Before Dark Moon
Sunny and cold

We got walloped by the storm.

A little over a foot of snow, power out for two days, and, more frightening, NO CELL SERVICE. Yup, cell service was down – no calls, not texts, nothing. Which was dangerous.

The point of cell service is to work when everything else goes down.

But we weathered it just fine; huddled with the fire on and the cats. We could still cook (gas stove) and had hot water, but no heat, because the gas heat is tripped by an electric switch.

Yesterday, it took me five hours to shovel out. The path and driveway weren’t that bad, but the plows had packed three feet of snow and ice against the bottom of the driveway, and that took longer than the rest of the property. But we all helped each other, in the neighborhood.

This morning, I had to take my mom to the doctor. Tomorrow, I’m with a client in the morning, and another in the afternoon; not sure what’s going on with my own computer time.

So, the new, business-oriented blog, INK-DIPPED ADVICE, debuted in the blizzard. Kind of amusing. Hopefully, the omen is more about “making a positive impact” than “disappearing in the storm.”

I’m in the final push for SPIRIT REPOSITORY. Couldn’t get anything done with the power out; although I could have written longhand, it didn’t really make sense for this piece. Hard for me to switch back and forth within a draft. Something I need to overcome.

I did write, but something else; played with some ideas. Like I have time for any more ideas!

And worked on contest entries. The next batch is on their way to me!

Power and cell service are both flickering. Not sure how much touch I’ll be in over the next few days.


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