Tues. Jan. 9, 2018: Working

Tuesday, January 9, 2018
Waning Moon
Sunny and mild

Yesterday was busy, and I was flat out with clients. Good work done.

This morning, I got some work done on SPIRIT REPOSITORY before heading back to work onsite with one of my clients. I’ll have to have another serious session on it when I get home; I’m behind where I need to be. I’m hoping the manuscript will come in at only 82K, so I’m in decent shape, but I still need to catch up.

I heard from the editor for whom I did an article that goes live on Friday — she’s pleased with it, which is always a good thing! It was such a joy to work with her.

Did some work for another client before I went on site. I have to check a few things, and then I can send it off.

I signed with my new web host this morning. So I’m waiting for things to verify, and then I can build the first of the new sites and get things moved.

I did a read-through of the PLAYING THE ANGLES proof before it goes up on the new distributor and found a few things to tweak. I’ll do it this afternoon and then it goes through publication. That means changing the cover image (which I can’t on the old website; has to wait for the new one) and putting in the new buy links everywhere. Tedious, but it will be worth it, because the digital editions should stay put for the next few years.

A lot to get through in the next three weeks. Somehow, it will all be done.

Can’t drop the ball on sending out LOIs to potential new clients, either.

It’s a good life! 😉

I won’t be blogging tomorrow. I should be back on Thursday.

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Thurs. Jan. 4, 2018: Blizzard, Perhaps?

We are expecting a blizzard — so I’m putting up this post just in case I can’t post on the actual Thursday. If you see this, I’m snowed in!

Taking a snow day, reading proofs for SAVASANA AT SEA’s move and PLAYING THE ANGLE’S move to the new distributor.

And writing and reading other people’s books and drinking wine and snuggling and . . .it’ll be a good day!

Stay safe and warm!

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Wed. Jan. 3, 2018: Hitting the Ground Writing

Wednesday, January 3, 2018
Waning Moon
Uranus Direct (as of yesterday)

Can you believe it’s 2018? Let’s build a better year together.

Yesterday, my answers to the 2018 Questions went up on the GDR site. Today, the To-Do list for January went up. It’s shorter than my opening shots for the year usually are, but this month has complicated work.

I took a lot of time off over the holiday weekend, to read, to meditate, to do yoga. To think. To be. I’m not building enough percolation time into my life, and that needs to change. I need to percolate in order to create.

I read A LOT — hop over onto A Biblio Paradise to see some notes about it.

Also, hop on over to Cerridwen’s Cottage for the full moon meditation. Thanks to my current lousy webhost, it didn’t go live before the weekend the way it was supposed to. Apologies.

It was a beautiful full moon, albeit cold.

One of the things that struck me during my time off was how much more productive, better rested, and less stressed I was because I turned my phone OFF. Not just put it aside and told myself not to look at it. I turned it off.

I checked mail and spent a few minutes on social media each day, especially on New Year’s Eve. But I spent a lot of time with the phone off.

I planned to add social media packages to the services offered on Fearless Ink, and this makes me re-think it. If I do, I have to set strong boundaries, because I want to spend more time this year disconnected.

Of course, with the repeal of net neutrality, that might be forced, rather than a choice.

I have to think about it some more.

PLAYING THE ANGLES and SAVASANA AT SEA came off the Pronoun distribution channels yesterday. It will be a few days before they are re-settled on D2D. The buy links will change, but the price and the text remains the same (although I’ve shorted some of the teasers for the other books at the back).

This should not change anything about the copies already purchased. You own those copies; they are YOURS.

I lose my reviews and have to contact the people who received review and guest hosting information. But that’s the way it goes. I pulled and have saved the reviews for the media room and kits and information sheets.

I spent some time this weekend prepping the manuscripts for both (since the requirements are a little different for this distributor than for the previous distributor). It will take a couple of extra days to get the books on Amazon.

TRACKING MEDUSA is still set to re-release on January 12th, through this new distributor. It has a new cover, but the rest of it is the same, except for some minor house style changes. So, if you have a print or digital copy from its time with Amber Quill, you’re not missing anything except the opening chapter of the novella MYTH AND INTERPRETAION and the opening of THE BALTHAZAAR TREASURE.

You know me, constantly cooking. Dinner on New Year’s Eve was lemon-cumin glazed salmon, sweet potatoes, and steamed green beans with Hollandaise. On the Day it was pork roast with red cabbage, small yellow potatoes, and peas. And, of course, Eggs Benedict and Prosecco for brunch.

I did some work on the outline for a new idea. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to fit it into the schedule, but I promised myself to build in time to work on ideas, not feel trapped by deadlines and then procrastinate and meander. I need to balance ideas and deadlines, so they feed off each other and expand creativity, not contract it.

I did five loads of laundry, got the garbage and recycling out, vacuumed, mopped, and cleaned off both desks before the new year. Of course, I have to go through everything I swept off the desks, but it was nice to start clean.

One of my favorite New Year’s rituals (along with burning the bayberry candle) is to open the back door just before midnight to let out the old year, and after the midnight toast, open the front door to let in the new year.

This year, it was more like giving the old year a boot about twenty minutes early! 😉

Yesterday was spent on site with a client, as most of today will be spent.

I’m back to work on both THE SPIRIT REPOSITORY and NOT BY THE BOOK. I need to re-find my groove with each of them. I was delighted with my progress on THE SPIRIT REPOSITORY yesterday — an entire chapter, 2576 words. Not a bad way to get back into it.

If the bad storm we’re supposed to get tonight arrives, I won’t be blogging until Friday. So maybe we’ll connect tomorrow, and maybe not until Friday.

Happy New Year!

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