Thurs. Jan. 25, 2018: The Attempt to Keep on Track

Thursday, January 25, 2018
Waxing Moon
Sunny and Cold
Virginia Woolf’s Birthday
Burns Night

I admit, I’m a bit tired and dispirited. By several things. But all I can do is reassess and move on. That’s the way it goes.

I’m behind where I want to be on THE SPIRIT REPOSITORY, although I feel good about the work that’s actually getting done. However, in order to meet my editor’s deadline, I have to write a minimum of 1900 words/day for the next 19 days. Doesn’t give me much wiggle room.

Got the recycling and some grocery shopping done this morning. I have a morning meeting off-Cape tomorrow, and will be late blogging. I have some more client work to do in preparation for Monday’s meeting.

Reading THE EX by Alafair Burke, and enjoying it very much.

I don’t have much of interest to say right now; I’m either exhausted and discouraged, or I’m digging deeper to get the writing done. Neither is particularly interesting for an audience.

I may go out and do some yard work later on, too. There’s stuff that needs to be done before spring.

I’m amazed by how much RELICS & REQUIEM is forming in my head as I’m writing SPIRIT REPOSITORY. But I’m jotting notes and forming arcs, and that will be ready to dive into as soon as REPOSITORY goes off.

Along with the fact that I need to get going on MYTH AND INTERPRETATION and on DAVY JONES DHARMA.

Never dull, that’s for sure, and that’s a good thing.

I’ll try to get over myself and cheer up by tomorrow!

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