Fri. Aug. 18, 2017: Working Through the Weekend to Earn Play Time

Friday, August 18, 2017
Waning Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Rainy and humid

The “audition” assignment was a success. The editor only had to change one punctuation mark, and that was because I used Strunk instead of Chicago Style. I’ve been offered the position. We have one more point of negotiation, which could put the kybosh on my joining the staff, but hopefully, we can iron it out.

Picked up the assignment from the other publication. Got out a couple of pitches. The market I wanted to submit the essay to isn’t appropriate, so I’ll have to re-slant it for a different publication and expand it. The markets for the short story aren’t quite right.

A friend, who is a particular champion of this short story and these characters, believes I should expand it into a book, or at least a novella. WHEN I’m supposed to do this, I’m not sure. But I’m going to print it out and look at it and see. I do love these characters, and I planned to use them for a series of stories, so maybe.

Went to Cotuit Library to do some research, but the materials that were in the catalog as being there “for library use only” — aren’t. Wasted trip. They were very apologetic, and it was a typical Mercury Retrograde event. Not that big a deal, just annoying, and certainly I’m not mad at them about it. These things happen. Stuff vanishes. Puts me behind in terms of the research I need for this interview, though.

Spent the afternoon going over the galleys of PLAYING THE ANGLES. Got the first six chapters done. Grateful to my copy editor for catching mistakes that I find mortifying. Also did some work with my PR person for the launch. I need to do a couple of tweaks in the media kit and reload it, and then we can send the kit out with the PR letter. We also started talking about the PR for SAVASANA AT SEA.

I have a feeling I’ll work straight through the weekend and take Monday off, since I’m taking Tuesday off to go on an adventure. In other words, I doubt I’ll post here until next Wednesday.

I was wide awake at 4:32 this morning. After tossing and turning, I got my day started. Re-read a fragment of a piece that has excellent bones and a good outline; need to figure out how to get it back into the queue. Spent some time working on FIX-IT GIRL, trying to solve a dilemma. Without the solution, I can’t finish this draft. Ultimately, I have to make the choice that’s organic to the characters’ intergrity as they’ve been set up.

Already did a Trader Joe’s run this morning.

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