Thurs. May 18, 2017: Recalibration Begins

Thursday, May 18, 2017
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and warm

Yesterday was long and challenging. We didn’t get through all the material. But we made a good start, on the writing, the chosen outlets, and the marketing fronts. Pages and pages of notes, lists of actionable steps that now need to be put into use.

It’s a challenge, but it’s restructuring my writing life so it suits ME, not based on the convenience of others who aren’t paying enough.

This is what you want from me? This is what it costs.

Otherwise, I might as well follow my own path and control my own destiny.

We went over the Amazon KDP contract in detail, and none of us liked it. Yes, Amazon is the Behemoth, but that contract is restrictive. I can’t see that it pays out in proportion to what it keeps, in the majority of cases. When they contract as a distributor for a publisher, it’s a better deal. But directly with authors? They want too much from the author, giving too little in return.

I have to take my mom to a medical appointment midmorning, so I hope to get some writing in before that, and then, after, it’s about start implementation of what was decided yesterday.

I finished marking up the 165 pages of the next draft of ANGEL HUNT that I found. I like it, it has good bones, it’s funnier than I remembered, but in a way that works. It needs to go back into the queue somewhere, after FIX IT GIRL revisions are done.

Got a bit of yard work done. Now, I’m turning my attention to the draft pages for the play proposal, and then to a short article I want to get out in the next day or so. I went to type the draft script pages and polish them, and the pages are missing from the rest of the proposal. That I found the second part of the sample, but I can’t find the first part. So I have to methodically go through all the different project files to see if I mis-filed it, which is a pain in the butt.

I’m getting frustrated in that the new gig that supposedly hired me is now dragging its heels with the first assignment. I’m ready and eager to begin, so let’s begin, damn it.

Still trying to fix the mower. The yard is looking like a vacant lot. Not good.

I’m glad there’s a special prosecutor, but I’m tired of everyone dragging their feet, instead of ousting the corrupt morons. This is what happens when you defund education for over 30 years. The problems we’re dealing with right now were seeded during the Reagan years.


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