Fri. May 5, 2017: My Mercury Still Feels Retrograde

Yeah, the mower refused to work today, although I managed to get some done yesterday. Not a happy camper.

Managed to plant five hanging baskets of petunias, two flats of lettuce, one of plum tomatoes, and some strawberries yesterday.

Working on a complicated revision section of chapters for FIX-IT GIRL. Once I sort it out, it will be worth it, but I’m struggling.

Frustrated on a lot of different fronts.

Furious at the House Republicans for yesterday. They are doing no less than committing murder. They must be stopped. We cannot wait until the 2018 election. They must be removed NOW.

Supposed to be a rainy weekend; I hope I can get a lot of writing, cleaning, and reading done.

Found a research book I’d picked up for one project that will serve three! Love that.

Have a great weekend. Around here, it’s awfully cold for May.

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