Tues. May 2, 2017: Nasty Weather, In and Out

Tuesday, May 2, 2017
Waxing Moon
Mercury Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Rainy and mild

Yesterday just sucked. I’m going to have to file formal complaints against CVS for preying on my elderly mother and against AAA for not providing the services for which they charge. Not particularly surprising in either case, but again, time away from other things that need attention.

I rewrote the few pages of the new idea in first person from third, and that’s what it needed. Now, it’s falling into place and making sense. Amazing what the choice of right voice does.

Managed to rewrite the first three chapters (nearly 8K) of THE FIX-IT GIRL. I’m rather appalled at some of the poor writing. But then, the first draft of this book was written in 2005 — 12 years ago. The characters, story, research, energy are great. But there’s a lot of sloppy writing that my wonderful editors trained me out of in the interim, so there’s a lot that can be improved. That’s the point of a revision, isn’t it?

Today is a miserable day, and I wish I didn’t have to go out, but I do. I SHOULD go get cat food, but I might wait another day, when it’s not quite so miserable. But there are a couple of things that can’t be put off. I also have to be in touch with my Senators and Representatives on various issues. Our state AG is having a town hall tonight. Good chance to chat with her about some of what’s going on.

Sooner I get out there, sooner I can get back and get back to the page.

May’s To Do List is up on the GDR site. Check it out, and add yours!

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