Tues. March 7, 2017: Time To Bounce Back After A Bad Day

Tuesday, March 07, 2017
Waxing Moon
Venus Retrograde
Rainy and cold

Yesterday just sucked, in every possible way. It happens sometimes; not every day is a good day. It was frustrating, especially since I couldn’t write. But, that’s life. You deal, you move on.

I’m not feeling well, which doesn’t help, and my mother’s new medication is making her sick, too.

I already managed some errands and grocery shopping this morning, so hopefully, today will be a better day. I’m going to try to get back to the page after lunch.

I won’t be online tomorrow; I’m participating in the #Daywithoutwomen for International Women’s Day. Maybe a day off in the middle of the week will help me regain equilibrium!

Back on Thursday!

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Mon. March 6, 2017: Writing, Ungrateful People & TD Bank’s Lack of Ethics

Monday, March 6, 2917
Waxing Moon
Venus Retrograde
Sunny and cold

Busy weekend. Fortunately, although it was cold, there was no snow. One less thing to worry about.

I wrote all weekend. That’s about it. I wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote. It felt good, although my wrists hurt.

Today, I have admin work to do, and some errands. Grocery shopping, et al.

Then I write some more.

Although I am physically writing, so much of the process is internal at this time, it’s difficult to write about on the blog. Not a bad thing, simply nothing particularly interesting to share. Most of it is first drafting, and I’m writing very, very fast to keep up with what’s going on in my head, which is leaping faster than I can possibly write. Unlike INITIATE, where I could write whatever scenes pulled hardest and then slot them in, this is far more dependent on writing chronologically, because everything that happens changes everything else that happens.

Then, as I rewrite, I need to cut a lot of the boring bits out and make it more active and sensory.

I did a favor for someone trying to break in to the business last week. First, I was nagged about it, because even though it was a favor to this other person, I wasn’t moving fast enough to suit. Then, not even a thank you. I’ve ranted about this before, and I won’t repeat myself, except to say this: If you ask someone farther along in whatever profession for advice and they take time out of their own work to help you, say thank you. Even if it wasn’t what you wanted to hear; even if you choose not to follow the advice. Don’t argue, don’t get defensive. Say thank you and make the decisions that are best for your work and your life. But show basic professional courtesy and that you are worth the time. Saying “thank you”, even if you disagree or even if the comments made you angry, doesn’t cost you anything. Not saying “thank you” can burn a bridge you might want when you had some time to cool down.

TD Bank, yet again, let another unauthorized pull be made from my elderly mother’s account. This is not OK. They hassle me with “security” if I try to check the balance in the account, but any random person can remove any amount they wish. This is not okay. And they won’t do anything about it, or even acknowledge they’re wrong. They are unethical and prey on the elderly.

On that happy note, I’m going back to doing what needs to be done, so I can get back to my own work!

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Fri. March 4, 2017: Trying to Make Up For Lost Writing Time

Friday, March 3, 2017
Waxing Moon
Sunny and cold

We’re expected to have more snow today. Right now it looks bright and cheerful, albeit cold. So, we’ll see.

I lost all my writing time yesterday. I had to take my mom to her new doctor, which took the entire morning. The good news is that he took a lot of time with her, and she likes him. The bad news is that he’s furious with her previous doctor and feels she misdiagnosed a bunch of stuff, so we’ve got tests and other appointments coming up, not to mention medication changes.

We were exhausted by the time we came home. I spent the afternoon finishing up a critique of a colleague’s screenplay. I’m sure she’ll think I was harsh, but the critique was much more thorough and positive than if I’d done traditional script coverage on it.

For World Book Day, I re-read Agatha Christie’s DESTINATION UNKNOWN, which was different and clever (not with one of her traditional detectives). The last few chapters and the ending were a bit abrupt, though; I would have rather seen the action, then just what led up to it and the resolution. But the premise and results were clever.

Everything feels exhausting and overwhelming right now. But, I plan to write a lot this weekend. Next week will be tough, because it leads in to my birthday, and that’s always difficult for me.

But I’m participating in the Day Without Women on the 8th, International Women’s Day, so that should be a good experience. In any case, a positive one.

Jeff Sessions has to go. He lied under oath to Congress — it’s on tape. He did not “mis-speak” or “misunderstand” the question. The question was very clear, and the man lied. Add that to his record of racial discrimination, and he is not qualified to be this country’s Attorney General. He has to go. Recusing himself from a single investigation isn’t enough. Ryan and McConnell standing around smirking and refusing to uphold their sworn oaths to the Constitution doesn’t help. The level of corruption is unconscionable.

Anyway, I have some errands to run this morning, and to find out when my mom’s next medical appointment is. Then, it will be back to the page until Monday.

Let me add how much I HATE BookFunnel. I know a lot of authors love it; but every time, as a reader, I try to use it, they make me jump through 16 hoops and then tell me the link is broken and I can’t download. If I’m going to get a book from a link, I want to do ONE click and have the damn thing download. Period. Not have to click , then click again, then enter my email, then wait until I hear back, then have another link, then have another link, then be told it’s broken. No. Just no.

I want to support my fellow authors, but if it’s via BookFunnel, just no.

Have a great weekend.

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Wed. March 1, 2017: Whuppity Scourry

Wednesday, March 1, 2017
Waxing Moon
Rainy and mild

Today is Whuppity Scourry — go through the house banging a pot with a wooden spoon to get out the stuck energy in preparation for spring!

It’s also Ash Wednesday, for those who mark it.

Check out my To Do list for March on the GDR site.

My hope is that the renewal of creativity I’ve felt with POWER OF WORDS will translate to the other projects that also need some attention. I’m going to try to spread the attention around a little bit more.

Yesterday, I wrote a lot on POWER. Yes, the series and the books in the series are in the process of a new name; but, for this massive first draft that encompasses all of them, I’m calling them by the original working title. I envision four books at first, with the potential for more. I want all four books to be ready to launch at once, so readers can move from one to the other, and read these years in these characters’ journeys together as a piece.

I also wrote a few pages on a new screenplay. A couple of characters started talking to me, and I wanted to make sure that I got down what they had to say. It’s a contemporary piece, an action/comedy with a bit of romance in it. It’s kind of fun.

Ran some errands. Tried to work at the library, but it was too noisy to get anything done. Having a migraine didn’t help.

Came home, wrote some more, did some edits, and then headed off to the monthly HobNob meeting at Kelly’s on Main in Hyannis. We had a good group — it was nice to see some regulars I hadn’t seen in a long time. There were some new people, there too, with interesting stories, but one or two of them kept trying to make the whole event about them personally, talking while others had the floor, interrupting, taking the conversation away from the quieter people back to themselves, where the point of the group is to support each other collaboratively. It could just be initial nerves at being part of a new group. We’ll see.

Woke up around 1 AM with a terrible pain in my foot. It was swollen and inflamed — no idea why. I got up, put witch hazel on, and took some Echinacea, which kicked in about 20 minutes later. The swelling went down and I could get back to sleep. It’s better this morning, but still have no idea what brought that on.

Today, I go back to NOT BY THE BOOK, and try to get back on track with that. Whereas POWER is a long term project — I’m figuring another year, maybe two before it can successfully launch and start earning its keep — NOT BY THE BOOK is an easier, more traditional sell. I need to hunker down, get the first draft done, put it aside for a few weeks, get revisions done, and get it off to my agent.

I’ve got a couple of plays to get out into the world; hopefully, I can do that today and didn’t miss the deadlines.

I have little to say about the speech to Congress last night. The fact that Swamp Thing didn’t froth at the mouth the way he usually does doesn’t make him “presidential.” Also, our arguments aren’t “trivial” — fighting for civil rights, basic human decency, and the Constitution is not “trivial.”

For those who don’t see the big deal about Kellyanne Conway lounging with her feet up on the couch in the Oval office — it’s not her dorm room, and she’s not there to hang out. She’s supposed to be a professional (of course, she’s not, but she pretends), and she’s in a place that deserves classy behavior (something of which she repeatedly proved incapable). The gesture, in itself, isn’t a “big deal” other than it is yet another demonstration of her disrespect of the Office and the Constitution. She shouldn’t be anywhere near that building.

Always, always, back to the page.

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