Wed. March 29, 2017: Tree Safely Removed!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017
Waxing Moon
Venus Retrograde
Cloudy and mild

The Tree Frogs were here yesterday, and got down the damaged tress amazingly quickly. They also said it was a “fun climb” — good for them. I kept them supplied with cupcakes.

I miss the tree, though; it was like losing an old friend.

I had some difficult admin to take care of, and errands to run. Got everything done.

Didn’t get much writing done, unfortunately, but I worked through more contest entries. There was one with the world-building so exquisite, that it would be a serious contender for the winning slot — except for the poor copy editing. Since grammar/punctuation, et al is part of the judging, it loses the winning slot (and I didn’t think any book could even come close to the one I read a week or so ago that was so good).

Copy editing MATTERS.

We’re supposed to get more snow this weekend. Here, I’d hoped it would be warm enough and dry enough to get out there and do some yard work.

I hope to have a few good writing days in a row; the last few haven’t been satisfactory. It happens; what’s important is that you show up at the page and do the work, no matter what.

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