Tues. March 28, 2017: Contest Entries, Chapter Work, and Tree Removal.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017
New Moon
Venus Retrograde
Rainy cool

Busy weekend. Some writing, but mostly working on contest entries. There are some very strong entries this year, which makes it both more pleasurable and more difficult. The top finalists will be difficult to winnow down.

I’m trying to get back on track with NOT BY THE BOOK. I wrote the section set in Paris for POWER OF WORDS, and it was a good reminder of how much I like the city. I still need to layer in some sensory details.

Some stressful things are going on, but I’m dealing with them as best I can.

On the positive side, the Tree Frogs are here today to take care of the damaged tree before it hurts anyone. They’re so sweet. I baked them cupcakes, which they’re enjoying.

Also, I’m pleased that the Ryan Death Care Bill failed.  They can throw blame all they want, but the GOP promoted a bill that would have cost thousands of lives, in order to give people who don’t need it a tax cut.  The bill was lousy, intentionally cruel, poorly written.  They had seven years to come up with something good, and they couldn’t be bothered.  Because that’s what it was:  not that they couldn’t do it, but that they couldn’t be BOTHERED to examine the issues and find something good.

I worked (with many others) on the the good ACA, the one before the 168 worthless Republican amendments.  Most of the problems people complain about are BECAUSE of those amendments.  It’s difficult, but it’s possible, to come up with something good.

But they don’t care so to do.

Of the general population, few really care whose name is on a piece of legislation or where it originates.  But we want policies that make our lives BETTER, not worse.  This bill made things worse.  I’m glad it didn’t go through.

We can ALL do better.

I need to get back to the page and back to dealing with life stuff.

HobNob is two years old today! Can’t believe it.

I wish I could be with them tonight, but I can’t.

Have a wonderful week! I can’t believe it’s nearly April!

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