Thurs. March 9, 2017: Preparing for Another Storm

Thursday, March 09, 2017
Waxing Moon
Venus Retrograde
Sunny and mild

Supposedly, we have a big storm coming tonight, so I’m running around like a maniac getting done all the errands that would otherwise be spread out. My head is killing me, so there’s a storm coming.

Yesterday, was the Day Without Women. I was sick anyway, and grateful to have the chance to rest. I read some, dosed myself with all kinds of herbal remedies, and didn’t write (although I thought about writing a lot). I mentally worked on POWER OF WORDS, NOT BY THE BOOK and SONGBOUND SISTERS, so I hope to get words on the page for all of those today.

I did more Italian Renaissance research. I wish we had minds like that working nowadays. We wouldn’t be in such a great big mess.

Took my mom to the lovely firemen to get her blood pressure checked.  In four days on the new medication, it’s adjusted to where it should be.  A good doctor makes a difference.  Plus, you know, my firemen are the best.

Today, I’m racing around doing errands and then writing. I’m not sure if I’ll get online tomorrow – it depends if they’re right about the snow and how much we get.

Here on Cape Cod, our lives are dictated by weather. And climate change.

Have a great weekend!

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