Tues. Feb. 21, 2017: Popping Up After Intense Writing

Tuesday, February 21, 2017
Waning Moon
Sunny and cold

Busy weekend that rather passed in a haze. Mostly because I was writing; I’ve managed to adapt the pilot and two episodes of a script from a novel, and am working on the third. Adaptation is always interesting, because it forces you to look at the material in a different way, and to tell the story in a different way.

Wrote about 40-50 pages of prose as well, on another project. Hey, you’ve gotta work on the piece that’s on fire, as long as you’re not screwing up a contracted deadline.

I’m working on reading and commenting on a colleague’s script, but it needs a lot of notes, and it’s hard to concentrate on that when I’m so deep on my own work. But I don’t want it to take forever, either; that’s not fair to the colleague. So, I’m trying.

Did work on the Constitutional Law class and lots of Renaissance research. On the one hand, it made me realize how much I missed stretching and learning; on the other, sometimes I feel like I’m stuffing too much information in my head.

One of the rogue National Park accounts has put together a legislative calendar of all the anti-environmental and anti-science stuff the GOP is trying to push through, so we can get in touch with our elected representatives. You better believe that’s something I’m going to check every day.

Pulled out of a potential project because the logistics didn’t make sense; we like each other, but getting to where we need to do the work would mean at least three hours of commuting for me each way (that’s a total of six hours commute time a day), and I can’t see how that’s viable within the other parameters of the project. Relocation for this particular project doesn’t make sense, especially without support from them so to do.

Am going to pull out of consideration for another project because I don’t like or agree with the people putting it together. They want and need a new and fresh approach to what they’re doing, because they’re floundering, but they’re not willing to make the changes necessary to succeed. At this point in my life and career, I don’t have the patience for it. My time and energy is better spent elsewhere. It’s a shame, because the potential for the project and the location were terrific. But, again, there’s no way I could get them the results they want within the restrictions they’ve set. And I’m not willing to nod and smile and pretend to go along, and then do whatever I want. That’s not fair to anyone.

It’s always hard to make that kind of call, but the good thing about established in one’s career means that you don’t have to say yes to projects you suspect are going to be more frustrating than rewarding. You do when you’re paying your dues, because if you don’t accumulate some war stories as you progress, it creates suspicion. But when you’ve put in your twenty-plus years, you’ve learned when it makes sense to say no.

I have some errands to run, and then I’m eager to get back to the page. I’ve got a good rhythm going, and I intend to make the most of it.

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