Fri. Feb. 17, 2017: Writing Intensive Weekend

Friday, February 17, 2017
Waning Moon
Sunny and cold

Not much to say about yesterday, other than I wrote a lot. Some of it was prose; some of it was adapting a novel into a television script. I was pretty pleased when I managed to condense 14 pages of prose into a 4-line exchange that got the content across.

Short break to be horrified at the Narcissistic Sociopath’s press conference. The level of delusion, paranoia, self-aggrandizement, and outright lying was embarrassing. It doesn’t help that the Speaker and the Senate Leader enable him daily, thereby also breaking their oaths to uphold the Constitution daily.

Studying and working on my Constitutional Law paper, along with a quick meeting on a potential long-term project and back to the page.

I’m going to look at the bulk of this President’s Day weekend as a writing retreat; I want to get a lot done on several different projects. I also have to read a script for a colleague and get some more work done on contest entries.

The front yard still looks like winter, with the shrinking snowpack. The back has mostly melted, and it looks like a very messy spring. If it’s sunny enough and dry enough this weekend, I might get some yard work done, too. I haven’t even planned what I’m doing, planting-wise, for the spring.

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