Fri. Feb. 3, 2017: Microsoft is being inappropriate and other research

Friday, February 03, 2017
Waxing Moon
Sunny and cold

Busy day yesterday, trying to get things sorted out.

I found office space to rent for my meeting next week, and that’s all handled. I’m looking forward to it. I might use the place regularly, if it works out. It’s very reasonable, and they do a lot for one.

I am extremely annoyed at Microsoft, who handles Skype. I hadn’t used my Skype account – not for a couple of years, since I was working with an actor in the UK. Microsoft/Skype won’t let me sign in to the account without using my gender and giving them three email addresses from my gmail address book. Why is that relevant? Why can’t it just be my user name and password? It sounds highly illegal to me, and I’m putting in complaints with the AG’s office and the FCC.

Constitutional Law homework and research into Italian Renaissance painting took up the afternoon.

I’m behind on the writing, but hope to get ahead this weekend.

Did my daily dose of work with elected officials. For now, one of the bills to sell off public lands is off the table. I’m sure they’ll try to sneak it in as an amendment to something else. But at least it’s gone for now.

Getting tired of the supposed “friends” who are trying to censor me. Sorry, won’t work, and all you’re doing is proving you’re NOT my friend. I already know if the chips were down you wouldn’t defend me. I already lost a lot of respect for you and think you’re a coward, but your choices and decisions are yours. What I think doesn’t really matter. I don’t expect or demand you go against your decisions, but don’t tell ME how to live my life. Or that I should look the other way as the Constitution is being shredded. My family risked too much to become American citizens.

Superbowl weekend. I wish I cared. I do think, however, that the noise around the Pats is very arrogant, the assumption they’ll win. The team is staying more circumspect, which is good, but the noise around them is going to get in the way if they’re not careful.

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