Wed. Jan. 18, 2017: Day of Discouragement

Wednesday, January 18, 2017
Waning Moon
Rainy and raw

Very tired and a little discouraged. Going over one of the contract negotiations, one member of the team that’s supposed to represent me is not, in my estimation. That is always discouraging. I have no doubt that things will come to a head in the next few days.

I managed to write an article yesterday, which was good, and I got some errands done this morning. I need to get some research done this afternoon, and maybe even some writing.

I feel bleak about the future of so many things right now, personally, creatively, and in the bigger picture. Hopefully, just sitting down and doing some of the work will help and get me back on track.

Tomorrow is the Day of Resistance, and, of course, I’m participating. I will then be offline Friday through the weekend with other commitments.

And, hopefully, a breakthrough in the writing.

Onward, trudging slowly, unfortunately.

But it happens. Sometimes, one goes through a blues patch. Pretending it isn’t happening doesn’t do any good. Recognize it, own it, take steps to make it better.

And, of course, as a writer, remember how it feels, so when one of your characters goes through something similar, you can write it from the inside!

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