Tues. Jan. 10, 2017: Choosing to Write

Tuesday, January 10, 2017
Waxing Moon
Sunny and cold

Yesterday was not a particularly productive day. I got some research done and a proposal done. I did not get enough writing done, and, what I did, I wasn’t happy with.

It happens.

I’m hoping today will be better, at least on the writing front. I’m having trouble getting back into NOT BY THE BOOK — I seem to have lost the tone. I had some ideas for SONGBOUND SISTERS, so we’ll see if we can get a good writing day on that.

I’m debating whether or not to agree to do another play for 365 women. I have to do some research on a few women that I find interesting, and then see. I’m not sure I can make the commitment this year. I’ve done three plays for them — I’d like to hone those a little more, and then see where else is interested.

I’m seriously lacking energy, and that makes everything else harder.

But, the gig is showing up at the page every day, even when you don’t feel like it. You make one word march along with another, and eventually you have a sentence, a paragraph, a page, a scene, a chapter, a novel.

“Writing” is a verb. It means you DO something. Each day, you have the opportunity to CHOOSE to write. You have the opportunity to CHOOSE not to write. If you don’t write, the only person responsible is you — no matter what else is going on or who’d you like to blame. Writers WRITE.

You can run around and find apologists to soothe you for not writing and give you buckets of excuses. But the bottom line is that writers write, and non-writers find reasons not to write.

Which are you?

Nothing wrong with being either one. But own it and take responsibility.

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