Wed. Dec. 21, 2016: Solstice!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016
Waning Moon
Mercury Retrograde
Winter Solstice

Happy Solstice, everyone! May the coming year bring peace, joy, and the abundance of all that is good.

Yesterday was about running more errands and baking. I’d run out of cookies, and I still have to put together the cookie platters for the neighbors. So that’s what that was about.

Didn’t get any writing done, which is bad, since I have two projects due the end of next week. I will have to make up for it today and tomorrow.

I’m looking forward to tonight’s Solstice celebration, complete with fire in the fireplace and drumming.

Don’t forget, “The Ghost of Lockesley Hall” is free for download here with coupon code QB74U until December 26th. “Just Jump in and Fly” is also a free download here, with coupon code LW63D.

I hope you enjoy both.

Have a wonderful Yule!


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