Thurs. Nov. 10, 2016: Appropriate Venue, Plans, and Projects

Thursday, November 10, 2016
Waxing Moon
Cloudy and cold

I’ve written a piece about my disgust at the election results, and how it could have been prevented. I’ve been predicting this outcome (due to smugness and apathy) for months and been laughed off as a Cassandra. It’s a case where I hate being proven right.

It’s not appropriate for the blog, and it’s one of the best pieces I’ve written in a long time, so it will find a home elsewhere, and I will concentrate here on writing and life. And now that MA has legalized marijuana, I can stay stoned while we die of radiation poisoning in the upcoming nuclear holocaust. Well, those of us who haven’t been slaughtered by the marauding bands of hate mongers who’ve been given permission to do whatever they want, or those of us dying because all the social services created to support us have been destroyed, or those of us left after being poisoned by the corporations who will have no restraints once the EPA is dismantled. Not that we’ll have any food left, because those same corporation will have killed all the bees. We are about to live a dystopian novel, but there will be no happy ending. Oh, but I said I wasn’t going to talk about it here, didn’t I?

On top of all this, I have the stomach flu, not fun, and slowing me down.

I think I’ll have the fourth draft of DEATH OF A CHOLERIC done today. I have some tweaking to do on the three final chapters. It’s still too damn long. I can either strip it of what makes it unique and interesting to me in order to fit genre, or I can accept the fact it goes beyond genre, target those markets,  and try to figure out the comparisons I need for the query letter, et al. The mystery element will appeal to those who like Philip R. Craig and Steven Axelrod and Ann Cleeves. The other elements — I have to figure out what they’re like. Although this book is different, because I wrote the book I wanted to read and it wasn’t out there.

I have to get back to the revisions on PLAYING THE ANGLES, too, because I want to send that out early next week. I hope to get a first draft of JUST A DROP done this weekend. It’s a long weekend, and if I’m not spending all of it in the yard, I have no excuses.

I’m juggling several other projects, too, right now: a contemporary action/romance, and two fantasy novels, one of which came to me in a dream. Literally, I dreamed the first few chapters, and I’ve rushed to write them down. I was going to have it happen from three different points of view, but one of the POVS bogs it down, so I’m whittling it back to the POVs of the main male and female protagonists.

Somewhere in all this, I have to get back to SONGBOUND SISTERS. And, as soon as JUST A DROP is finished, I have to work on the pirate play. I also have a radio play to send to Ireland and one to Paris. I want to get as much as possible off my desk before the holidays, plus I have other projects and opportunities to explore that will decide on how I spend the coming months and years. And where.

Tomorrow is Veterans’ Day, and I will do my share to honor veterans. I try to do that every day, in various ways.

Enjoy the long weekend. Hopefully, I can shake off the flu in the next few days.


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