Mon. Aug. 29, 2016: Adventures, Old & New

Monday, August 29, 2016
Waning Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Mercury About to turn Retrograde
Sunny and warm

Pretty good few days at the theatre. Pleasant shows, happy audiences.

Tired, though, and my feet hurt, and I tweaked my knee on the balcony stairs. Six more days, eight more shows, and it’s on to the next adventure.

Trying to get back into a regular writing schedule. Having trouble with this section of INITIATE. The Victorian mystery – well, this draft, I’m figuring out the basics – I finally figured out the body drops, the murderer, and the why. I’d known the first body from almost the beginning. A lot of the setting for this series is the changing position of women in Victorian society as it approaches the turn of the century, and how marriage and marriage expectations are changing. So the richness of detail, social context, and setting are as important as the pace and the actual murders.

The reading for all this background is fascinating. I’m setting the first book in Newport, RI; the second in Saratoga during racing season; and the third in NYC. It means a trip to the law library in Barnstable, probably next week, to do some research on Victorian marriage, property, inheritance, and divorce laws at that time in the US.

Next week, when I’m not distracted by the show, I’m also going back into the next round of edits for DEATH OF A CHOLERIC.

I’m developing another mystery series, set within a touring theatre company, and some of the short stories that were tickling as I went into the show schedule are demanding attention. So, creatively, things are getting back on track after the initial shock of job change. Even though there’s more job change coming up, I’m a little calmer about it.

It will be a busy week, with two shows on both Wed. and Thurs., but the season closes out on Saturday, and it’s onward!

Have a great last week of summer.

Mercury goes retrograde tomorrow. I’m going to just try to keep my head down for the next three weeks!


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