Tues. Aug. 23, 2016: Juggling

Tuesday, August 23, 2016
Waning Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Sunny and pleasant

We finally have some cooler weather, and yesterday, we even had a bit of rain. What a relief!

Last week was challenging, to say the least, at the theatre, and that’s all I’m going to say about it.

I attended a reading of a new play by the guest artistic director, who I’ve gotten to know a bit over the weeks, and it was very good. I hope it goes further, because it hits some important points about humanity (and lack thereof).

I’ve hit a difficult section in INITIATE, where I’m having to write broadly at first to set out all the puzzle pieces, and then rewrite, focusing down. Eventually, it will work, but it’s a different way of working.

I’ve started developing another piece — the characters are very strongly in my mind, and the setting, but I’m still figuring out the plot. It deals with a touring theatre company.

And I’m working on yet a third piece, where the characters would not shut up, so I’ve written the first few chapters to see where I am with it. It’s an historical mystery, this particular one set in Newport (the second one will be set in Saratoga). My female protagonist’s marriage is falling apart, and she has to decide whether to put up with it because society wants her to, or flout convention and follow her own happiness, with the punishment that women faced at that time. I’ll have to research some of the legalities of the time, to make sure my premise is set up properly.

This week will again be challenging, but, hopefully not as much as last week. Dig in and deal, right? What else can one do?

After next week, I have to rework things on the GDR site and get things in motion for next year. My writing schedule has been thrown off.

After some discussion (not all pleasant), the agent has the correct changes in the manuscript and synopsis and it’s going out to the publisher who wanted rewrites on spec, which is something I disagree with. I do not believe there will be a contract offer; if there was genuine interest, the offer would have been on the table without demanding prior rewrites. We’ll see who is correct in this situation. I made it clear that I am not rewriting on spec to every set of notes that comes in.

I didn’t get much writing done last week; I hope to fix that this week. Not writing enough threw me off my form in every other way as well.

Have a good week!


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