Wed. Aug. 3, 2016: Wasp Attack

Wednesday, August 3, 2016
Waxing Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Sunny and pleasant

The days are getting shorter. One can tell we’ve had the first harvest.

Tired. Show was fine last night, except I was attacked by wasps. I didn’t have an allergic reaction, fortunately, but the pain is out of proportion to the injury.

Some good writing done yesterday, and a few errands, but mostly, I’m in “show head” and will be there until early September.

Ran into someone I knew from That Other Place who had no idea my job had been eliminated. Guess they’re just acting like I never existed. Oh, well. Some of my colleagues also heard of places that are hiring for September and passed on those leads, which I will follow up on today.

Most of my words are saved for the page, which leaves little for anything else. I promise to be a better conversationalist in the fall! 😉

The Cape Cod Writers Conference starts tomorrow; I can’t participate this year. The Mermaid Ball is next week; can’t be part of that, either. Changes, all over the place.


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