Fri. July 15, 2016: Writing, Eye-Rolling, and Upcoming Adventure

Friday, July 15, 2016
Waxing Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Sunny and hot!

Yesterday was kind of a mixed day. It was a relief from the suckage that was Wednesday, and I got in some good writing on INITIATE. I got some errands done.

At 1 PM, I went to the seminar that’s required of everyone who files for unemployment and is looking for work. It was a waste of time and an insult to my intelligence. I sure as heck wouldn’t hire any of the people in the room with me. I haven’t heard that much ignorant blather in one room in a long time.

But I got all the paperwork I need to keep current, and I’m going to do it. I learned one important thing about “salary range” boxes that I can use, but the rest – none of these people do what I do, and few of the sites had any relevance to me.

Came home and wrote more. Wasn’t in the mood to watch anything.

I’m writing today and running some errands. Tonight, I start the theatre job (under a confidentiality agreement, not much to say, sorry). Since it’s part time/seasonal, I have the blessings of the UA office to do it – even though it’s not considered a “real job” around here. I just have to fill out all the weekly paperwork honestly, which I will.

Tomorrow I have an adventure – I’ll share as soon as I am able! I’m looking forward to a good writing weekend – I just hope it won’t be too hot.

Sunday is my dark day at the theatre. This should be fun!

I love the way the characters are growing and maturing in INITIATE. I’m very pleased with this project. There are other things I need to do, too, and get out the door next week, but I’m passionate about this one.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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